Nose Hair Trimmer 4-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit –Nose Hair Device / Beard Trimmer Razor/ Sideburn Trimmer/ Eyebrow Trimmer Water Resistant with Wet Dry System–For Men & Women

Color: gold + black
Material: ABS environmental protection material
Power type: Charging type
Wash the head: washable
Battery: 350mAh (lithium battery)
Specifications: European regulations
Charging time: 5-8 hours or so
Use time: 90 minutes (always used)
Rated voltage: 100-240V

Product description:
– For the product tip switch problem, hold the trimmer main body and switch it towards you. Position the trimmer head at the top of the trimmer body and turn it clockwise to fit the head.
– Use the cut head: Remove the protective cover, place the switch in the “ON” position, carefully put the nose head into your nostrils to trim the eyebrows, use the same process to trim the ear, hair, eyebrows, beard

– Prohibit the use of irritating or corrosive cleaning agents on the trimmer body and accessory head to prohibit the impact of hardening or hard objects against the trimmer main body and accessories headgear.
– Please use the first charging for more than 12 hours. When charging, please confirm that the switch is in the “off” state, insert the charging plug into the voltage outlet, the indicator light can be.
– Products in the other head after the need for the power is relatively large, so the sound of vibration is relatively large.

Packing Details:
1 * pruning device
1 * Nose Hair Trim Head
1 * Trimmer Trim Head
1 * Eyebrow Trim Head
1 * Beard Trim Head
1 * Cleansing Brush
1 * Manual
1 * Charging Line

Product Features

  • Curved Head Design: surprise design arched arched head, comfortable head clothes nose skin. 360 ° omni-directional capture of nasal hair, do not hurt the nasal cavity, more secure
  • Open Style Cracks: Excellent performance Stainless steel blade, designed as an open clip to catch any direction and length of the nose hair, easy to cut the nose hair to avoid pulling tingling.
  • Strong Power: knife head 6500 per minute turn, crisp, efficient shaving nose hair. A machine with more, easy to solve your troubles.
  • Stainless Steel Washing Head: the performance of stainless steel blade, clean and neat cut nose head can be washed directly with water, easy to clean, inhibit the breeding of bacteria.
  • Energy-Saving and Multi-Function: Cycle charge use, easy and convenient; Powerful, can trim nose hairs, trim temples, trim eyebrows, shaving.