Hard Wax Beans for Painless Hair Removal (Thin Fine Facial Hair Specific). Bare Faced by KoluaWax for Sensitive Skin, Brows, Soft Upper Lip, Sideburns, Neck. Large Refill Pearl Beads for Wax Warmers.

Premium Quality, Convenient, Affordable. Experience smooth skin that lasts 3X longer than shaving and with less pain than traditional waxing. Click Add to Cart now because… it’s time to love your skin.  

Receive a 1 pound bag of KōluaWax 10 disposable applicators, and How-To Guide. Applicators may or may not have printing. Strong enough for brazilian or bikini. Gentle enough for facial waxing. 

Does it work? Absolutely! Shaving cuts the hair follicle at the skin. But KōluaWax adheres to the hair, pulling it out of the root. Because hair is removed farther down the shaft, it takes longer to grow back. Regrowth is softer, finer, and less noticeable. Plus, our powerful pink wax has a light floral scent.


✓ Luxury Formula. With the benefits of coconut oil, our hard wax beads are the only wax you will ever need! 

✓Easy To Use. Our natural beads melt quickly and pull off cleanly. Works great on all hair types.

✓Smart + Convenient. Enjoy the same benefits of a high-end salon waxing at a fraction of the price. Wax when it’s convenient for you in the privacy of your home.

✓FREE Guide. New to waxing? We share our secret tips and tricks with you. Get “The Ultimate Guide to at Home Waxing” delivered via email. Be sure to opt-in to receive emails from Amazon sellers.

✓GUARANTEE. Shop with confidence. If you’re not happy with your purchase, return it within 60 days for a full refund.

HOW TO USE: Melt KōluaWax in a wax warmer or a double boiler. Apply wax in direction of hair growth, allow 30 to 45 seconds to harden. As soon as the wax isn’t sticky to the touch, pull wax quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, trapping the hair and pulling it from the root.  Say aloha to gorgeously smooth skin.


Product Features

  • ✓ Our Gentlest Formula- Bare Faced Hard Wax Beads are designed to target thin and fine facial hair. This slightly stickier formula is a powerhouse against even the finest of hairs; perfect for brows, chin, upper lip, neck, sideburns or anywhere you find unwanted peach fuzz.
  • ✓SAVE MONEY- Salon waxing adds up. One brow wax alone costs upwards of $25.00. With a large 1 Pound bag of KōluaWax Bare Faced hard wax beans, you may get 100 brow waxes or more. Plus, 20 disposable spatulas included.
  • ✓CONVENIENT- You’re on your time, not the salons. Enjoy nearly pain-free, stripless flawless hair removal at home. Highly flexible for easy removal. Melts quickly and pulls off cleanly.
  • ✓ TRY THEM ALL- KoluaWax delivers the ultimate at-home waxing experience. Complete with our 3 signature formulas to leave your skin gorgeously smooth and hair free anywhere. Our wax beads are the perfect refill for any wax warmer.
  • ✓MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- If you don’t love our wax, receive a full refund within 60 days from purchase. No questions asked. Manufacturer’s warranty is only available from authorized sellers. SolaViv is the only authorized seller.

Hard Wax Beans for Depilatory – Wax Beads for Hair Removal, Premium Thin Waxing(Facial,Body,Bikini,Brazilian), for Wax Warmer Kit, Men Women (10.5 Oz / 300g)

Product Features

  • UPGRADED PREMIUM WAX: Made from natural beeswax/oil, so its almost scentless compare to other waxing products on the market. Our 2018 new formula ensured high performance, the hard waxing coat could be thinner, more flexible and better grab ability to remove hairs from the root.
  • EASY TO USE: Melt, Apply then Pull, easy as 1-2-3! There you go, enjoy your smooth skin! Our free E-book will guide you to make it.
  • SAVE MONEY: DIY waxing at your home means you could save around $1,000 per year (full body) compare to salon waxing!
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTY: We’re confident about this product, if you’re not satisfied, we promise you will get a pre-approved full refund (including your shipping cost) within 24 hours! Free to try!
  • FOR ANY SPOTS, MEN / WOMEN: This pearl wax is made for men or women and works for most of the body parts like underarms, legs, private area, chest, face, upper lip, eyebrows etc.

Medium Hold Hair Gel for Men – Best Styling Gel for Short, Long, Thin and Curly Hair – Great for Modern, Messy, Wet and Dapper Styles – With Natural and Organic Ingredients – 8 OZ – Smooth Viking

For a Dapper New Hairstyle All Day Long, Choose Smooth Viking’s Medium-Hold Hair Gel

There’s nothing worse than when you style your hair just right, but it loses its form after a few hours. But don’t worry, it’s not your hair’s fault! You just need a specially formulated hair gel that can lock-in your favorite look all day long, and Smooth Viking has exactly what you’re looking for.

This Medium-Hold Styling Gel features the perfect blend of ingredients that will keep your classic, modern, messy and manly hair nicely formed. Featuring an blend of Green Tea Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Vitamin B5 and Organic Chamomile, your hair will not only look great, but it’ll even feel great after you’ve finished.

A great looking beard is only half the battle. Stick with Smooth Viking for the best men’s hair care products around.

Product Features

  • Lock-in the Look You Want – Smooth Viking’s Medium-Hold Hair Gel is a premium styling gel that provides supreme long lasting shape, shine and firmness, while also coating the hair with natural nutrients that will keep it looking healthy and strong.
  • Great Ingredients for Great Looking Hair – Styling gels don’t have to be harsh on the hair and scalp, and this unique formula proves it. Along with its specialized blend of firming ingredients, this Medium-Hold Hair Gel also features natural and organic ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Ginseng Root Extract, Vitamin B5 and Organic Chamomile to help nourish the follicles and skin while you’re sculpting your ideal look.
  • No Hairstyle Is Off-Limits – Hair comes in all sorts of shapes, lengths and styles, which is why this Hair Gel was methodically formulated to work effectively on any hair type. Whether your hair is short, long, wavy, thick or thinning, Smooth Viking’s Medium Hold Hair Gel will get the job done. Give your hair the extra hold it needs in order to achieve a slick, classic, pomp, matte or dapper look that lasts all day long.
  • A Low Maintenance Solution for a High-Profile Look – You’re a busy guy that doesn’t have time to stand in front of a mirror all morning just to get your hair just right… right? With Smooth Viking’s styling gel, you can cut down on those unwanted high-maintenance hassles and achieve the look you want in just minutes. All you have to do is apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, and sculpt your hair with your fingers, comb or brush. That’s it!
  • An Effective Hair Gel from a Brand You Can Count On – With Smooth Viking, you won’t need to worry about putting mystery ingredients in your hair. This Medium-Hold Hair Gel is loaded with only the finest ingredients around to ensure you’ll have your ideal hairstyle in no time, and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

Hair Gel for Men – Strong Hold Styling Product – Adds Body & Shine – Good for All Hairstyles – Trendy, Curly, Straight, Wavy & Modern – Works on Wet, Dry, Thin or Thick Hair – Smooth Viking – 8 OZ

Achieve a lasting hold so your hairstyle sticks around all day with Smooth Viking’s Strong Hold Gel.

From classic looks to modern styles, this gel will help you get the hair you want with ease.

With Smooth Viking, you don’t have to worry about the ingredients you’re putting in your hair. This product only contains the highest quality formula, including natural and organic ingredients to ensure your hair is taken care of as you style.

Product Features

  • Strong Hold for All-Day Style – Smooth Viking’s Strong Hold Gel offers the best solution for giving your hair the style you want and having it last throughout the entire day. Keep your style intact with the maximum holding power this gel provides to get the results you’re looking for.
  • Adds Body & Leaves High Shine – This gel leaves your hair with extra texture and leaves behind a high shine to help you get the style you want. Whether you want to add body to already thick heads of hair or to assist in volumizing slightly thinning hair, this gel is the product for you.
  • Nourishes with Style – Smooth Viking understands the importance of taking care of your hair no matter what you’re putting in it, which is why this Strong Hold Gel has been designed to offer nourishment while helping you get the style you want. With ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Castor Oil, you can rest easy knowing your hair is getting the nutrients it needs.
  • Get the Hair You Want the Easy Way – Getting the style you want shouldn’t be hard and with Smooth Viking’s Strong Hold Gel it no longer has to be. Regardless of hair length, this styling product makes it easy to get the look you want with long or short hair: classic, vintage, modern, messy, spiky or dapper, this gel has you covered.
  • Works on Wet or Dry Hair – This gel is perfect for men with busy lifestyles who don’t have extra time to spend on their hair every morning, so it’s designed to work well on both wet and dry hair. This means you can style your hair fast without worrying about wasting too much time before heading out the door.

Dorco Comfort Thin II- Two Blade Razor Blade Shaving System (12 Pack + 1 Handle)

Dorco Pace is a leading provider of technologically advanced and superior quality shaving systems, disposable razors and shaving accessories.

Dorco Pace Comfort Thin II= A Great Value
The Dorco Pace Comfort Thin II is the world’s best twin-blade razor offering a great shaving solution.
This razor, is truly on the forefront of wet-shaving technology.

Lubricating Strip with Chamomile, Olive Oil and Allantoin
Chamomile has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory capabilities to refresh skin.
Olive Oil moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin
Allantoin helps keep the skin soft, smooth, and healthy

Open Flow Cartridge
100% “rinse-ability” of hair follicles and shaving cream soaps.
Blades stay perfectly clean, eliminating corrosion for a longer blade life

Head Action and Nick Prevention
Tilting head increases shaving precision along every angle of your face or body.
Decreases nicks, cuts and other uncomfortable types of skin irritation.

What’s in the Package?
12 long-lasting Dorco Pace Comfort Thin II cartridges and 1 handle.

Full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied email us and we will make the situation right.
We stand behind our products and will do what is necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

Also Available: Dorco Pace 6 and 6 Plus, Dorco Pace 4 and Dorco Shai Soft Touch 6

Shipping Fulfilled By Amazon
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Product Features

  • World’s Best Twin Blade – Priced like a disposable but the quality of a reusable
  • Patented Angulated Blade Platform – Seamless blade construction leaves fewer obstacles for debris accumulation.
  • Open Flow Cartridge – 100% “rinse-ability” of hair follicles eliminates corrosion for a longer blade life.
  • Lubrication Strip – Chamomile, Olive Oil and Allantoin soothe and moisturize skin.