2 Packs of Bikini Razors Total 6 Pieces Ideal For a Brazillian Shave

These Bikini Razors are small enough to easily maneuver around the bikini area for quick and easy shaving. Protected blades give a smooth, close shave without the risk of cuts or nicks. Also great for shaving neck and arms.

Product Features

  • Bikini Razor Value Pack
  • 6 Total Razors with Blade Cover
  • Great For That Brazilian Shave
  • Can Be Re-Used and Disposable
  • Protected blade give a smooth, close shave without the risk of cuts or nicks

Wahl Lithium Ion Total Beard Trimmer, Facial Hair Clippers with 13 Guide Combs for Easy Trimming, Detailing, & Grooming – Model 9888

The Wahl Lithium Ion Total Beard Trimmer comes with trimmer unit, trimmer blade, 13 guide combs, charger, beard comb, cleaning brush and blade oil, storage pouch and English/Spanish instruction and styling guide. A Tip from the manufacturer is that if the blades are not oiled, it may be possible that the blades will not move. However, even if not oiled, the trimmer will usually still have enough power to run. If the voltage in your home is low, the trimmers motor may make a loud noise. There is an adjustment screw on the clipper that will correct the issue.

Product Features

  • The Beard You Want – Wahl beard trimmers provide a smoothly precise trim, so you can get the beard style you want. Choose from a variety of guide comb lengths & widths for any beard or mustache style, from scruff to full. Wahl beard trimmers make great gifts
  • 3 Individual Guide Combs -Lithium Ion Total Beard allows for a wide variety of cutting lengths with included guide combs. Featuring 13 beard grooming guide combs varying in range from short stubble (1/16″) to long (1″)
  • A Smooth Cut Every Time – Wahl clippers & trimmers are available in a variety of styles to meet your home hair cutting needs. From Lithium Ion cordless & rechargeable clippers to heavy-duty corded models, Wahl clippers & trimmers deliver a high performance
  • Complete Beard Trimming Kit – Whether you trim your hair between trips to the salon or barber, need beard or nose hair trimmers, or a complete hair cutting kit, Wahl has the high-quality hair cutting and personal grooming tools you need
  • The Brand Used by Professionals – Wahl clippers and trimmers have been used by professionals in the salon & barber industry since 1919. With self-sharpening precision blades & quality construction, Wahl clippers, shavers & trimmers deliver a smooth shave

Spongeables Spongeables Shaving Soap In Sponge, Coconut Scent, 2 Sets (2 Total), Coconut, 20+ Uses, 2 Ounce

Spongeables Shaving Soap in a Sponge is the secret to smoother legs! In three easy steps, shaving has never been easier – just exfoliate, moisturize, and shave! Create a rich creamy lather and use the textured surface to exfoliate dead skin. Then, use the soft side of the sponge to moisturize legs with shaving soap. Lastly, glide razor over rejuvenated legs. Made with aloe and shea butter, your skin will be left feeling soft and silky smooth.

Product Features

  • THREE EASY STEPS: Exfoliate, moisturize, and shave!
  • DUAL-TEXTURED: Use textured, buffer side to exfoliate and soften skin; use smooth side to moisturize and cleanse legs
  • HYDRATING AND UPLIFTING: As the coconut scent provides an uplifting experience, the blend of aloe and shea butter will leave skin feeling refreshed and smooth
  • LONG-LASTING: Sponge lasts for over 20 shaves!

Conair Satiny Smooth Total Body Epilator, Women’s Hair Removal System, 40 Tweezer Head Women’s Epilator – Cordless/Rechargeable

For a complete at home and long-lasting hair removal experience, the Conair Satiny Smooth® Total Body Epilator for women provides complete personal care convenience. The Conair epilator gives satiny smooth hair removal results for up to 6 weeks. The epilator’s new, ergonomic design has two hair removal speeds to help capture even the shortest hair and this personal care system has 40 tweezers that quickly remove the finest hair at the root for smooth, clear skin. A washable, sensitive skin hair removal attachment is provided for minimal discomfort around delicate areas. The Conair Satiny Smooth® Total Body Epilator has two interchangeable hair removal attachments that are specifically designed to work quickly and leave you perfectly groomed all over.

Product Features

  • Cordless, rechargeable total body epilator now with a new ergonomic design for more control and better handling
  • 40 ultra-precise tweezers that quickly remove the finest hair at the root for smooth, clear skin
  • Smooth hair removal results up to 6 weeks for personal care convenience
  • Sensitive area / skin attachment for minimal discomfort around the most delicate areas
  • 2 hair removal speeds designed to capture even the shortest of hair
  • Washable

Remington EP7010 Women’s Total Coverage, Epilation, Tweezing Hair Removal System (Certified Refurbished)

Product Description Size:Pack of 1 Achieve long-lasting hair removal and beautifully smooth skin with the Remington smooth and silky epilator. The total coverage epilation system easily removes hair in one pass, making epilation faster than ever. It was developed with an ergonomic design and an angled cap to ensure optimal hair removal effectively catching even the shortest hairs. Whether you need hair removal on your legs, arms or sensitive areas, you can have smooth and silky skin for up to 6 weeks. 3 Simple steps to long-lasting silkiness: 1. Clean, exfoliate and dry skin prior to use. 2. Hold epilator at a 90 degree angle and your skin taut, using small circular steady motions gently glide the epilator over the skin against the direction of hair growth. 3. After epilation, apply a mild soothing cream or lotion to help with any irritation for smooth, silky skin! Tip: Regularly exfoliate after epilation to reduce ingrown hairs. Whether you need hair removal on your legs, arms or sensitive areas, you can have smooth and silky skin for up to 6 weeks*. *Versus shaving with a razor What is Epilation? Epilation is the removal of hair from the root, for long lasting smooth skin, with the use of an electric tweezing system. Using an epilator, which removes hair from the roots, may cause reddening or irritation of the skin. This is a normal reaction that will quickly disappear.

Product Features

  • Total coverage epilation system easily removes hair from the roots for long lasting, smooth skin – up to six weeks
  • Two speeds allows you to adjust as needed for personalized effectiveness
  • Ergonomic design and precisely angled head make epilating legs, arms and sensitive areas easy
  • Corded power gives consistent reliable power
  • Removable head makes clean-up fast

Wax Warmer, Waxing kit for women, Hair removal kit, At-home Waxing, 5 bags of hard wax beans 500g in total + 10 wax applicator sticks, Painless & Rapid Waxing of Face, Body, Bikini Area

Color: white
Application: hair removal
Product dimensions: 18cm x 18cm x 14cm
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Net weight: 1.3kg
Power: 100W
Capacity: 500ml
Adjustable temperature: 45 ° C – 75 ° C
Delivery: 1 x wax warmer, 5 x 100g wax beans, 10 x applicator sticks, 1 x instruction(English)

With the hair removal wax kit, you can quickly and efficiently remove unwanted body hair at home and enjoy the summer hair free!

1. Fill the wax beans in the wax kettle and put the lid on.
2. Turn the temperature button to “HI” and wait till the wax beans melted.
3. Testing the temperature of the wax first on the inside of the wrist. Distribute the wax with a applicator sticks along the direction of hair growth about 0.3 cm thick.
4. Once the wax is hard, pull it off quickly against the direction of hair growth.
5. Please do not bathe directly after hair removal or go to the sauna, take care of your skin after hair removal with a mild lotion or oil.

1.Do not use on varicose veins, abscesses, wounds, sunburn or other injured skin.
2.Take a temperature test on the inside of the wrist before use.
3.Do not go into the pool and avoid strong sunlight in 24 hours after hair removal.
4.DO NOT put the wax warmer in water or other liquids.

Product Features

  • Professional hair removal wax kit: the set offers everything you need for hair removal. So you can even remove the unwanted hair quickly and safely. Wax warmer, 5 packages per 100g different wax beans and 10 applicator stickss are included.
  • Practical design: equipped with a removable, transparent plastic cover with air holes, which provide a dust-free room when heating the wax. During wax warming you can also see clearly the melting condition of the wax. The inner pot is easy to remove and clean. Temperature control range from 45 ℃ to 75 ℃, fast and safe heating.
  • Safe and effective: can remove the body hair up to 98%. Suitable for underarms, bikini zone, face, arms, legs etc. Keeps your skin hair free and soft.
  • Easy to use: Easy to use at home, save your time and money. First, melt the wax beans in the wax warmer, then brush the wax on the skin with the sticks, then tear the wax strip away from the skin in a jerk.
  • Notes: Perform a temperature test on the inner wrist before first use. After the hair removal, use a mild lotion or oil to soothe and nourish the skin.

Wax Heater, Portable Electric Hair Removal Kit for Facial &Bikini Area& Armpit– Melting Pot Hot Wax Warmer accessories Total Body Waxing Spa or Self-waxing Spa in Home For Girls & Women & Men 14 oz

Product Description:
Input: AC110/60Hz, AC220V/50Hz
Power: 100W
Adjustable Temperature: 45°C -105°C
Capacity: 500ML

1)Mini wax warmer for home use
2)Warmes all types of waxes
3)Include extra aluminum container
4)See through cover prevents wax contamination
5)Wax warmer-500ml
6)Warmes all types of waxes: Hard Waxing, Strip Waxing, Paraffin Waxing 7)Include extra aluminum container
8)See through cover prevents wax contamination

By the effect of warming, this machine can put the rich vitamins, collagens into the skin effectively.
For the dry, aging and rough skins, the effect is distinctive.The skin turns red healthy after treatment.
It can improve the blood circulation of the feet and metabolism of the skin. It can also eliminate the aging dead cells, improve the rough and dry skin, moisten and relax the skin, sedative and diminish inflammation.
Packing 1 unit in a color box, size: 290*230*220mm

Product Features

  • Wax Warmer – wax warmer melting pot accommodates wax container and melt all types wax format.
  • Wax meltdown faster – 360°heating coil for a faster wax meltdown.
  • Removable Liner Bucket – The electric wax heater is safe to use with the removable bucket handle without burning your skin while lifting it up. The bucket also helps clean up the wax without dripping.
  • Adjustable Temperature Knob & AUTO-shut-off Function – The wax warmer equips adjustable temperature range from 35 to 105 Celsius, to control the rate of wax melting better .Auto-shut-off function remains the wax in liquid but not overheat.
  • Save your time and money – The wax warmer offers you an salon-like home hair removal treatment with easy quick and safe operation, save your time and money.

Wax Warmer, Portable Electric Hair Removal Kit for Facial &Bikini Area& Armpit– Melting Pot Hot Wax Heater accessories Total Body Waxing Spa or Self-waxing Spa in Home For Girls & Women & Men

Contents:1*wax warmer
4pcs wax beans
10pcs wood-sticks
Voltage: AC 110 V, 60HZ, US Heavy Duty PLUG
Power: 100W
Capacity: 400cc
Item Weight 750g/1.65 lbs
Item Size: 20*20*15.2cm/7.9*7.9*6.1in
CE ROHS Approval

Directions For Use:
1. Clean the area you want to to be dealt with.
2. Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater.
3. Heat the wax to a melting temperature until it melted totally. Spread the melted wax on the skin along the direction of the hair growth.(Always test the temperature of the wax before putting the melted wax on your skin )
4. Let the melt wax have a short period cooling (about 20 minutes) and then holding the skin taut, remove wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly.
5. Clean the skin with skin cream after hair removal waxing.

Cleaning Instructions:
a.Cleaning the wax pot while it is still warm is much easier than when it completely cooled down.
b.Turn the electric wax warmer off, unplug it and let the wax stay until the wax pot is not hot and safe to touch. Put a few drops of fragrance and color free oil onto a paper towel and wipe out the pot/ machine as well as the rim.The oil will dissolve the wax and it simply disappears. Any oily residue left behind can be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. Using oil will also prolong the life of your wax pot or machine.

1.The colors of our hair removal wax accessorize may different in photo and real life due to variations between the computer monitors and naked eye color difference.
2.There may be 1 to 2cm error due to manual measurement.

100% Brand New and High quality from Kids Partner. Kids Partner offers 6 months limited Warranty and 30 days free exchange for all the Kids Partner products which are built with the reliable quality standards and we stand behind for best after service.

Product Features

  • Nursing Your Body Skin: Wax hair remover machine is using for hair removal nursing, beauty care and skin care.
  • Safety Combination: The wax kit for hair removal is safe to use with the wooden chips without burning your skin while using the melted wax. The see-through cover gernerates the heat on the wax, accelerating the wax melting and preventing the wax contamination by dust.
  • Multipurpose: Fits any type of wax including wax beads, hard wax, soft wax, 14 ounce wax cans, loose wax, bricks bikini wax, microwavable wax and hair wax. This heating wax warmer is popular among any professional esthetician. A DIY beauty lover also can waxing at home. Widely used in salons and spas. Also can be used by women and men.
  • Durable and Light: With high quality and high temperature materials, electric cable and plug, This wax kit for hair removal is very durable and light. it is irreplaceable for any waxing needs.
  • Easy Operation: You just need a wax heater pot,and a wooden chip-sticks to apply the wax to the area you want to deal with.

Waxing Kit for Home Self-Waxing and Professional Spa Hair Removal Brazilian Facial Total Body Waxing w/ Muslin Strips Wooden Waxing Spatulas of all Sizes Pre-Post Waxing Sprays and Wax Heater Collars

✓BEST COMBINATION-A waxing specialist knows a good Waxing Kit is a rarity. Not only is it hard to get all the tools together but also to find then of good quality. Luxuria Rara team of the experts- estheticians finally brings you the BEST set of right tools for the waxing art. The perfect combination of right size wooden spatulas, muslin strips, pre/post wax sprays and wax warmer collars will make any type of waxing possible both at home and in a waxing salon.

✓HIGH QUALITY – We know that a stick is a stick, but when it comes down to waxing the quality of the wooden sticks or waxing strips plays a big role. These are the tools you apply onto your skin and our number one priority is the health of your skin and effectiveness of our product. The quality of material guarantees no hair will be left on your precious skin. This is a one stop shop for all your waxing accessories and needs.

✓GREAT VALUE-Waxing is a need, yet it can be a very expensive one. Buying all tools separately will cost a fortune. Waxing in salons and spas every two weeks or even more often can hit the wallet very hard. Therefore, it is important to find good quality tools at a good price. CONGRATS You have just found it. This is the best value on the market. Muslin strips alone can cost over $20 for a 100-piece pack. Now you can save more on product that will last longer.

✓ DARE TO COMPARE! Go ahead and compare our product to other kits. We are very confident in it, which is why we offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don’t Absolutely Love Your Luxuria Rara Wax Kit, we will refund your money no questions asked (or replace the kit if there is a problem). Rest assured, you will LOVE it. And if your Wax Warmer is up for an update, check out our Luxuria Rara Wax Warmer as a great addition to your waxing tool box! DO NOT WAIT. Hit the ADD TO CART button now and get this kit at this great price while supplies last

Product Features

  • ✓LARGE SIZE WOODEN SPATULAS / APPLICATORS (70PIECES). Made Of Fine Grade Wood With Smooth And Wide Surface For Ideal And Consistent Hard, Soft And All Types Of Wax Application. Ideal For Back, Chest, Upper And Lower Legs, And Arms Waxing. Also, Widely Used By Barbers For Men’s Facial Hair Removal. ✓MEDIUM SIZE WOODEN STICKS(70pieces)-smooth Medium-width Surface For More Precise Hard, Soft And All Other Types Of Wax Application On Areas, Like Neck, Underarms, Bikini, Nose And Ears.
  • ✓SMALL SIZE WOODEN WAX STICKS (70PIECES) Made Of Fine Grade Wood With Smooth Narrow Surface And Slightly Sharpened Edges On One Side For Most Precise Facial Wax Application Including Chin, Lips, Eyebrows And Intimate Areas Waxing, Like Brazilian, Hollywood. Provides Most Control For Any And All Wax Designer’s Ideas. Also, Can Be Applied With All Kinds Of Wax.
  • ✓LARGE SIZE HIGH QUALITY MUSLIN STRIPS(60PCS) Provide The Most Effective Method for Hair Removal From Larger Body Parts, like Back, Neck, Arms, Legs, Chest. Luxuria Rara Muslin Strips Are Manufactured From 100% Cotton And Are A True “woven Cloth”-Made Using A Weaving Process. These Are Strongest And Most Durable Waxing Strips You Can Buy, And Ideal Even For The Toughest Most Coarse Hair Providing Superior Strength, yet Softer And Easier To Bend Than Any Non-woven Depilatory Strips.
  • ✓SMALL SIZE MUSLIN EPILATING STRIPS (100PCS) Allow For Precise Hair Removal On Small Body Parts Like Eyebrows, Lips, Chin, Chicks, Etc. Work Much Better Than Any Non-woven Waxing Strips Providing Utmost Flexibility Versus Non-woven Much Stiffer Strips. Easy To Lay Along Your Unique Facial Curves And Contours.wax Warmer Protective Collars(15pcs)-universal And Fit Any Wax Warmer That Heats Up Standard Wax Melting Pots-absolute Must For To Keep Their Work Place Nice And Clean.
  • ✓PRE-WAX TREATMENT SPRAY(60ML) Prepares Skin For A More Gentle And Effective Waxing, Cleans Off Deodorant, Make-up And Body Oils From The Skin Prior To Waxing. Cools And Calms The Skin, Removes All Traces Of Oil, Perspiration And Bacteria To Ensure The Most Protection And Best Conditions For Effective Waxing. ✓AFTER- WAX TREATMENT SPRAY (60ML) With Lavender Oil And Moisturizing Ingredients to Reduce Inflammation, Irritation, Redness After The Most Intense Wax Treatments.

Wax Warmer Melting Pot Electric Hot Wax Heater for Facial Hair Removal Total Body Brazilian Waxing Salon or Self-waxing Portable Plug in Full Size Single Paraffin Can and All Types of Hair Removal Wax

Nothing can make you happier than creating Your Beauty when you want it and where you want it. With the wax warmer from Luxuria Rara your beauty needs and dreams will come true.
Why keep spending money on the salon visits every 2-3 weeks? This useful tool can satisfy all of your waxing needs.
Our warmer is suitable for all types of hair removal, therapeutic waxes and paraffins, including canned, broken, or waxes in block forms.
Compact, light and portable in size this wax warmer will let you enjoy professional wax treatments from the comfort of your own home or while travelling.
A durable pot wax warmer designed for all day use and has a thermostatically controlled heating system.
Easy to use – just plug in and rotate the knob to adjust temperature, the pilot lamp lights and the heater works. Flexible design makes you control the time & heat of the waxing conveniently and efficiently.

Specifications of Luxuria Rara Wax Warmer:
Voltage: AC 110-120V, 60HZ, US Heavy Duty PLUG
Power: 150W
Capacity: 400cc
Item Weght 750g/1.65 lbs
Item Size: 20*20*15.2cm/7.9*7.9*6.1in
CE ROHS Approval

Cleaning Instructions:
We have found that cleaning the wax pot while it is still warm is much easier than when it completely cooled down.
Turn the wax off, unplug it and let it stay until the wax pot is not hot and safe to touch. Put a few drops of fragrance and color free oil onto a paper towel and wipe out the pot/machine as well as the rim.The oil will dissolve the wax and it simply disappears. Any oily residue left behind can be wiped off with a clean, dry cloth. Using oil will also prolong the life of your wax pot or machine as there are no nasty chemicals that can eat away at the plastic or dull the appearance.

Product Features

  • ✓CONVENIENT and ELEGANT – Perfect for waxing in salons, at homes, at your friends, on vacation or anywhere you go. Stylish addition to any home beauty set. Perfect waxing tool for mobile technicians
  • ✓DURABLE and LIGHT – High quality and hot temperature resistant materials and heavy duty electric cable and plug make this melting pot durable yet very light and irreplaceable for any and all waxing needs
  • ✓SAFE – Locking see-through lid prevents contamination and accidental contacts. Temperature autopilot with an indicator light keeps your wax at the desired temperature between 60-110 Celsius (140-230 F). The warmer comes with a removable metal bucket for easy prep and cleaning. The pot provides even wax melting while heating
  • ✓MULTIPURPOSE – Fits standard 14oz wax cans and any type of melting paraffin wax, wax bricks, loose melts and beads. This heating wax melter is the dream of any professional esthetician or a home DIY beauty lover. Widely used in salons and spas. Ideal for facial, Brazilian, arms, legs, under arms, and eyebrow hair removal.
  • ✓100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Luxuria Rara warmers are backed by 100% guarantee that you are fully satisfied with your product or receive your money back. We put our greatest effort into making this wax warmer a reliable and simple tool that will bring you pleasure of beauty-making not stress of nerve-breaking

NEW Rejuvenating Magnesium Body Lotion – Healthy Daily Moisturizer – NO Endocrine Disruptors. A Total Skin Spa With Silky Avocado Butter, Anti-Aging Royal Jelly, Organic Essential Oils & More!


You’ve not found a healthy body lotion like this before. Without you knowing, we’ve taken the world’s #1 skincare technologies and combined them all into one luxury formula – this is truly the first of it’s kind. And now, you get to experience a level of moisturization you’ve never felt before.

… You’ll struggle to stop touching your velvety skin


Pure Ionic Magnesium Chloride Creamy Avocado Butter Organic Essential Oils Anti-Aging Royal Jelly Organic Shea and Avocado Oils Skin Supportive Beta Glucans … and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


No one should have to sacrifice their health, for beauty. This formulation is free from hormone disruptors, known cancer promoters, fragrances and colors. Our ingredients include natural, and non-toxic moisturizers.


That secret, is Pure, Ionic Magnesium Chloride Oil.

Absorbs deep into the skin, below the basal layer Targets skin regeneration, and circulation Boosts elasticity, Hyaluronic Acid and collagen production Acts as a carrier oil, taking other moisturizers and nutrients deep below the skin’s surface.


Congratulations! This is the best decision you’ve made today for your skin. Add your order to cart, and get excited… Spa Perfect skin is on it’s way.

Product Features

  • THE BEST NATURAL BODY LOTION YOU’VE SEEN: Never before on Amazon have you found a daily moisturizer quite like this. Cutting edge micro technology delivers serious results by combining pure ionic magnesium with soft avocado butter, organic essential oils and the world’s top natural skincare ingredients and skinceuticals. Instantly feel hydrated and enjoy the silkiest skin ever.
  • WITH THE MIRACLE ANTI-AGING MINERAL: Our secret, lies in Pure Magnesium Chloride, mined from 250 million year old Permien Seabed. When applied to the skin, Magnesium is delivered deep below the basal layer, where skin regeneration takes place. It helps improve elasticity, circulation and collagen. But, it also acts as a carrier, taking other skin vitamins and nutrients with it, like delicious Organic Essential Oils.
  • SAFE, NON TOXIC HEALTHY BODY LOTION: What goes on our skin, goes deep into the cells of our body. Rejuvenating Magnesium Lotion contains NO endocrine/hormone disruptors, NO known cancer-causing ingredients, NO synthetic colors and NO nasty fragrances. Ingredients are natural and tested for impurities.
  • SILKY SKIN AND A YOUTHFUL GLOW: Your Magnesium Lotion is formulated with the world’s latest technology in skincare. Magnesium combined with: creamy Avocado Butter, anti-aging Royal Jelly, silken organic Shea Butter, organic Cocoa Butter, calming Lavender oil, invigorating Lemon oil, beta glucans and other natural, non-toxic skin food ingredients. It’s a complete Skin Spa! You won’t be able to keep your hands off yourself!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We stand firmly behind the Spa quality of this daily moisturizing lotion. You’ll fall deeply in love with your skin’s smooth, silky feel and realize, you have made the best skincare choice on your search today. Order Now. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back.