Aroma Trees Unisex Hair Removal Hard Wax Beans for Safe, Pain-free Removal, Full-Body Depilatory Wax Beads – Pack of 2 (2 x 300g) Chamomile Flavor

Natural Ingredients: Colophonium(Rosin), Glyceryl Rosinate, Beeswax, Paraffin, Glyceryl Hydrogenate Rosinate, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil. Natural wax ingredients, skin friendly.

Excellent grip on strong stubborn hairs, ideal for bikini underarm.
No strips or pre-wax oil required.
Can be used on all areas of the body.
Can be dispensed into all inner containers.
Natural wax beans,Chamomile flavors.

Specification: 300g x 2 = 600g

Applicable Parts: Armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other stubborn hair growth area, more suitable for small area hair removal.

Directions For Use:
1. Take appropriate amount of wax beans into a depilatory wax heater to melt.
2. Heat the wax to a melting temperature, after the wax melts, spread a layer of wax with a spatula on the skin along the direction of the hair growth, at least 1.5mm thickness wax film, and the hairs must be longer than 5mm.
3.When the wax becomes cool, hard and holds the skin, pull the wax with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth quickly and strongly. The Faster, The Less Pain.

· Ideal For Depilatory and No strips required. Can pull off the wax from your skin directly by hand after the wax is cold and becomes hard.
· Natural wax ingredients. No harms to your health.
· Can remove above 95% of the hairs you want to remove at one time, then you can use a tweezer remove the rest hairs or apply the wax a second time.
· Easy operation,you just need more a wax heater pot,and a spatula to apply the wax to your hairs.
· Save your money and time:you can do a depilatory at home by yourself.

Product Features

  • Perfect for professionals looking to make hair removal simpler than ever! The simplest hair removal wax for anyone who wants a fast-acting, reliable solution.
  • A simple, safe solution for wax hair removal without any side-effects. Only natural ingredients are used to help make sure this is a safe, easy to use wax hair removal solution.
  • Rapid melting ensures that these melt within ten minutes, allowing for quick application and usage. This is the ideal choice of wax for hair removal for wax warmer solutions.
  • Pain-free solutions that avoid any kind of allergens to allow for quick and simple wax hair removal. A strong and simple wax hair removal with warmer, this allows for simpler hair removal without any of the usual pains involved.
  • No need for hair removal paper; all you need are these warm wax beans, a wax heater pot and a spatula for simple application! A must-have Brazilian waxing skin care solution that’s made to be easy to use, apply and enjoy.

Aroma Trees Complete Spa Multi pack Wax Applicator Stick Kit, Large, Medium, Small (150 Count)

Never be without precisely what you need for all your waxing needs. The Complete Spa Multi pack Wax Applicator Kit provides Small (3.5 inch)(50count), Medium (4.5 inch)(50count) and Large (6 inch)(50count) applicators so that you can achieve smooth, hairless, beautiful skin. Effortlessly remove the smallest hairs for eyebrow and facial waxing with the detail of the small sticks, create smooth arms and bikini areas with the useful medium size, and quickly obtain sexy smooth legs and backs with the large size stick. These professional quality sticks provide everything that is need for both professional spa and at home waxing needs.

Product Features

  • Professional Quality. The Complete Spa Multipack Wax Applicator Kit sticks are of the highest quality so top spa and salon owners can use them with pride for all professional waxing services offered. Customers who chose to do home waxing, whether for a Brazilian wax, an eyebrow wax, or anything in between, can use this Complete Spa Multipack with the confidence that comes from using professional quality wax products.
  • Superior Value. With an astounding 150 various sized pieces included in (50count) each package, customers are assured of getting top value with each purchase.
  • Completes Every Job Perfectly. Any beauty expert will tell you that a small waxing job like a facial waxing requires different sized applicator sticks than a large waxing job like body waxing on the legs. The small, medium, and large sizes conveniently included in one pack assure you that you are well-equipped to handle all waxing needs. The wax applicator sticks are ideal for hard wax, microwave wax, wax pots, and a variety of other waxing kits.
  • Natural Choice. The sticks in the Complete Spa Multipack Wax Applicator Kit are made from all natural wood rather than inferior synthetic materials.
  • Convenient and Efficient. The variety of Small (3.5 inch)(50count), Medium (4.5 inch)(50count) and Large (6 inch)(50count) disposable applicators included in each package means you can organize your spa to know you have just the size applicator stick available to get any waxing job done quickly and easily everytime.