Vector Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal System

If you have embarrassing unwanted hair, you can now get rid of it permanently in the privacy of your own home. The Vector Hair Removal System is the only medical grade electrolysis device available to the consumer and is needleless. Vector Hair Removal System � The most respected name in electrolysis. The Vector Hair Removal System has been designed for use in professional salons or for high-performance hair removal at home. It is the only hair removal system on the market that has the same output power as professional electrolysis machines. This machine will save you hundreds of dollars on electrolysis sessions that you can now perform in the privacy of your home. The Vector System removes one hair at a time with the included galvanic tweezers. The Vector permanently removes even the coarsest hair. WARNING: Hair removal achieved by the Vector System is irreversible. Please plan carefully the areas that are to be removed. Set Includes: Vector Professional Electrolysis Machine; Foot Pedal; Surgical-Grade Galvanic Tweezers; 8 Electrode Patches; 2 oz . Tube of Conductivity Gel Patch and Tweezer Cords; Quick Setup Guide; AC Cord

Product Features

  • Medical grade electrolysis device
  • No needles
  • Much less expensive than repetitive spa hair removal treatments
  • Irreversible hair removal