Waxkiss Wax Strips Facial and Body Hair Removal Ready to Use Cold Self Waxing Strips for Woman & Man – 40 Large Strips for Waxing & Oil Cleaning Wipes


1. Warm a double strip by rubbing it between your hands for 20 – 30 seconds or until the strips separate easily.

2. Cut the waxing paper strips in a proper size that fits the particular skin area.

3. Slowly separate the double strip and place 1 strip aside for subsequent use. Any open strips left can simply be folded in half for next time.

4. Firmly apply a strip over the skin in the SAME DIRECTION of hair growth. Press the strip down onto the skin to remove extra air underneath. Rub FIRMLY and REPEATEDLY in the direction of body hair growth.

5. Hold the skin taut with one hand and grip the bottom of the wax strip with the other and pull it back quickly AGAINST THE HAIR GROWTH DIRECTION, close to the skin. The quicker the motion, the more effective the result and the less the pain. Gently press your skin to relieve any discomfort.

6. Use body lotion to remove any wax residue on the skin.


☆ Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

☆ Do not use if skin suffered an adverse reaction to wax in the past.

☆ If you are on medication that affects skin or you have a skin related disorder, consult your doctor before use.

☆ Keep away from children and pets.

Use body lotion/oil to remove the residual wax from your skin after tearing off the wax strip. It’s better to wait for a couple of hours before you clean your skin with water.

Notice: Winter is coming, if the weather is cold, is better to warm the wax strips by hands over 1 minute to make it warm enough before separate the double strip.

Product Features

  • ❤ Ready to Use Wax Strips With Natural Ingredients And FDA that are harmless to skin
  • ❤ Easily remove unwanted hair on any part of your body. You can use it to remove hairs on face, legs, armpit, arms, upper lip, eyebrow ,bikini.It can remove 90% – 98% of your undesired hair
  • ❤ Wax strips size: 3.5 inch * 7.3 inch (9 * 18.5 cm), 20 pcs double side (40 pcs / box). Leaving your body hair free for up to 4 weeks
  • ❤ Fast, easy and effective , you can carry it with you when you are traveling. It can be applied onto the skin directly without using any other device
  • ❤ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We will refund or replace the products if you are not satisfied.Click “ADD TO CART” now to start the easy way of hair removal

Kenashii, Nose Hair Removal for Men & Women by Gosso 3.5 oz. Fast and Effective. More Wax (100g), 20 Applicators, 10 Post Waxing Balm Wipes. Over 10 Month Supply of Brazilian Waxing for Your Nose!

Download the instruction manual here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VgJAIyTnF5aJCf8IxTxOJoyjFjxY-5gv Or visit www.Kenashii.com From Japan, the land of the future, comes Kenashii, the future of nasal hair removal. ☆ For safe, quick and enormously satisfying removal of your unsightly nasal bush. Using our specially formulated hypo-allergenic nasal wax you can remove all your unwanted nose hairs in under 5 minutes. For results that last up to 4 weeks. Make your nose happy, use Kenashii! ☆ Japan’s favorite “毛なしいいい” nasal hair removal technology. Saving you from bushy nose hole wig. Feel the satisfaction. Breath easily again and enjoy the fresh sensation.

Product Features

  • ☆ DOWNLOADABLE INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE HERE ☆ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VgJAIyTnF5aJCf8IxTxOJoyjFjxY-5gv
  • ☆ FAST & PAINLESS ☆ 9 out of 10 people find it far less painful than plucking and more effective
  • ☆ EFFECTIVE ☆ results last for up to 4 weeks
  • ☆ MORE WAX ☆ TWICE THE WAX of our competitors 100g / 3.5 oz of specially formulated hypo-allergenic wax
  • ☆ MORE APPLICATORS ☆ 20 hair removal sticks to keep your nose hair free for longer

Wax Warmer Kit for Hair Removal – Includes: 1 Pound Honey Hard Wax, 50 Wax Strips, 10 Wax Sticks, 10 Wax Remover Wipes – Automatic Temperature Control(ATC) -Hard Wax Is Better Than Wax Beans


– Compatible with all wax types.
– See-through cover for safety and to protect wax from contamination.
– Indicator light.
– Automatic Tempaeature control.
– Easy to clean.
-Wax Warmer Size: W: 7 in x H: 5.5 in

What’s in the box?

1x Wax Warmer Unit
1x Honey Wax Can
1x Extra Can for Wax Beans
10x Wooden Stick Wax Applicator
10x Wax Removing Wipes
50X Spunlace Wax Strips

30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Purchase your Wax Warmer Kit and If you are not satisfied send it back within 30 days for a full refund – No questions asked – Click on “Buy now with 1-Click” or “Add to Cart” to own one now before we run out!

Product Features

  • MOST COMPLETE KIT ON THE MARKET – No need to search for additional accessories – Our wax kit includes everything you need which saves you time and money – All products are of great quality making sure you remove hair with ease
  • AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL (ATC) – Our wax warmer is the first with Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) ever made – Just place the wax can in the pot and press on – In few minutes the wax will melt and it will be kept at a perfect temperature – Other wax warmers require constant fiddling which can be frustrating
  • HARD WAX IS BETTER THAN WAX BEANS – Wax beans dry quicker than hard wax – Leaving no time to apply the wax – Our hard wax stays soft long enough to apply to skin and place a strip – Creating the perfect environment for removing hair
  • EXUBY WAX WARMER KIT VS. OTHERS – eXuby(Complete kit) vs. others(incomplete kit) … eXuby(Quality hard Wax) vs. others(cheap wax beans) … eXuby(Automatic Temperature Control – ATC) vs. others(Manual) … eXuby(Quality products) vs. others(low quality)
  • 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Purchase your Wax Warmer Kit and If you are not satisfied send it back within 30 days for a full refund – No questions asked – Click on “Buy now with 1-Click” or “Add to Cart” to own one now before we run out!

Whice for Men – Hypoallergenic Full Body Wet Wipes – Ideal after Sports or Gym, Traveling, Always in the Car and Toilet too – Ocean Fragrance. Keep your Body, Hands and Face fresh. Dispenser Pack 48ct

Whice Wet Wipes are specially designed for men. The masculine fragrance of the wipes and their special ingredients offer the desired freshness and softness for the care and hygiene of the skin. From the Manufacturer Excelcare Products LLC manufactures and commercializes personal care products, initially focused on wet wipes. Our manufacturing facility and processes are in line with the best practices of manufacture, aiming at providing high quality standards in our products.

Product Features

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED WITH THE MEN IN MIND: Our Ocean Fragrance was formulated to offer a Cool and Fresh Sensation, and the softness you need for the personal care of your skin and Hygiene. Large Size wipes that cover a full size hand, to avoid accidentally touching those unpleasant places with the fingers and be more healthy.
  • MULTIPLE USES: After a session in the gym, the soccer field, running. On a hot day. After eating lunch. Whice for Men is created to refresh your whole body with a Fragrance that will attract your love one. Keep it in the car, bag, briefcase, carry-on, gym tote and of course, your bathroom. Both in the Sink and in the Toilet.
  • NATURAL, DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – HYPOALLERGENIC: Paraben Free, Alcohol Free, contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a sooth sensation that helps reduce wrinkles, with anti-bacterial and antioxidants properties.
  • NOT FLUSHABLE, NO MESS, NO PROBLEM: Recent studies show that flushable wipes can indeed clog the toilet and the city’s sewer system. Made of soft and resistant cloth, Whice for Men does not break easily, and keeps moist for longer periods. We recommend to toss the wipe after use. Do not flush it in the Toilet.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN USA: Our product has been developed, formulated and manufactured in our Factory in Florida, United States, Maintaining Only the Highest Standards and Complying with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Click ‘Add to Cart’ & order the newest, best, specially formulated Wipes for Men.

FREELETTE Pre Shave , After shave lotion Wipes . Best for Electric Shave

Freelette® is the latest advance in the science of shaving, and it makes shaving with an electric razor more effective than a manual shave. Electric razors already allow men to shave faster than manual razors, and a faster shave reduces the risk of nicks and cuts. However, only 25% of men currently use electric shavers. Most men eschew electric razors because they do not provide as close a shave or as smooth a finish, requiring men to shave more frequently. In addition, more frequent shaving can lead to increased skin irritation.

Product Features

  • Freelette® is a pre and after electric shave solution that, when used in conjunction with an electric razor, allows for a superior close and smooth shave, leaving the skin soft, moisturized, fragrant and in an improved condition compared with a manual shave.
  • Freelette® containing unique herbal extracts of Saw Palmeto and Bisabolol from Papaya fruit.
  • Freelette® improves skin balance and skin health with protective moisture leaving a soft and pleasant feeling.
  • Freelette® leaves skin soft and supple, with a light, protective lotion and a masculine odor that lasts for hours.
  • Freelette® is so portable, you can shave in front of your tablet, computer, or in the car on the way to work

Dude Wipes, Flushable Single Moist Wipes, with Aloe Vera (30 Each)

Discover the New Art of Wiping.

Toilet Paper + Dude Wipes = King of the Throne

Dude Wipes 30 Pack
View larger Toilet Paper + Dude Wipes = King of the Throne
View larger What are Dude Wipes?

Dude Wipes are the first flushable wet wipes made for Dudes. Use them as part of your bathroom routine and you’ll never turn back. They are great for a quick clean up of your face, hands, armpits, and dude regions.

The Dude Products Story

Back in the day, we founded Dude Products out of our apartment in Chicago. Whether it was some unexpected physical activity or the aftermath of the lunchtime burrito, we realized that as guys, we are destined to smell and something needed to be done. So on behalf of Dudekind, we created Dude Wipes to combat stink and put you back on your game wherever or whenever nature calls.

Give the Gift of Dude

Send your favorite person a box of Dude Wipes.

Are they just for Dudes?

Of course not! Dude Wipes don’t discriminate. We work for Little Dudes, Women, and Dudettes. You name it, and we’ve kept them fresh.

The Dude Wipe
More Than Your Average Wipe. Huge 44 Square Inch SizeVitamin E & Soothing AloeAlcohol Free & Quick DryingTested by Scientist & Doctor DudesFlushable Moist Wipes (Sewer/Septic)Neutral ScentCool Dude Packaging

Product Features

  • Huge 44 square inch size
  • Vitamin E and soothing aloe
  • Flushable moist wipes (sewer/septic)
  • Neutral scent
  • Tested by Scientist and Doctor Dudes

Veet Cold Wax Strips Face, 20 Wax Strips and 4 Wipes


I like this a lot better than the sally hansen. this you can one strip atleast twice but the sally hansen ones are only sticky for one time.

These Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips are ideal for removing unwanted facial hair closer to the root*. Veet has specially formulated these wax strips to act like a liquid during applications, coating different lengths of hair, even those as short as 1.5 mm. The salon-like wax strips provide a premium feel. Unlike shaving, there are no nicks or bumps, and the results last up to four weeks.

callout top with logoReady-to-Use Wax Strips FaceAt a Glance:Removes hair closer to the root* for smoothness that lasts up to four weeksCold wax with HairCoating Technology acts like liquid upon application, locking and removing hair as short as 1.5mm Easy-to-use strips are ready to apply within seconds Salon-like wax strips for a premium feel Small size is ideal for upper lip and chinVEET Cold Wax Strips Face (20-Count) Product ShotRemoves Hair Closer to the Root* for up to Four Weeks of Smoothness

The wax strips lock in hair to gently lift away at the root. You’re left with smooth, silky skin that lasts for up to four weeks. Plus, hair tends to grow back softer and thinner after waxing.

HairCoating Technology for Liquid-Like Application that Removes Even Short Hairs

Formulated with HairCoating Technology, VEET Ready-to-Use Wax Strips act like a liquid during application. Designed for facial areas like the upper lip and chin, the wax coats different lengths of hair, even those as short as 1.5 mm.

Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strips work best on hair between 1.5 mm and 5 mm long. If the hair is more than 5 mm long it’s recommended that you trim it to an optimal length prior to waxing.

Wax Strips with Perfect Finish Wipes Are Ready to Use – No Heating Required

You don’t need to heat up the wax strips, so they are especially easy to use. Simply rub a wax strip between your hands until it feels warm (about five seconds) and peel the strips apart. You can reuse each strip until it loses its grip. The kit also includes four Perfect Finish Wipes to clean away any remaining wax residue.

Contains Essentials Oils and Velvet Rose Scent

The Ready-to-Use Wax Strips contain essential oils and have a velvet rose fragrance for a light, delicate scent.

Use with VEET Wax Options for Complete Hair Removal System

For removing hair on your legs, underarms, and other areas of the body, try VEET Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover – Legs and Body, which are formulated with the same HairCoating Technology.

About VEET: Perfecting Smooth Skin

VEET products allow you to achieve silky, smooth skin. Backed by over 80 years of experience, VEET is preferred by over 30 million women around the world every year. Their easy-to-use products include creams and waxes that fit into your busy, modern lifestyle. VEET continues to introduce new products to stay in tune with women’s hair removal needs.

What’s in the Box

20 Wax Strips and 4 Perfect Finish Wipes, 4 packs.

CreamsHair Removal Sensitive FormulaHair Removal with Essential OilsGel Cream TubeGel Cream PumpSpray OnIn ShowerGel Cream TubeGel Cream PumpSpray OnBikini & UnderarmGel Cream Tube
(6.78 Ounces)Gel Cream Pump
(13.5 Ounces)Spray On
(5.1 Ounces)In Shower
(10.1 Ounces)Gel Cream Tube
(6.78 Ounces)Gel Cream Pump
(13.5 Ounces)Spray On
(5.1 Ounces)Bikini & Underarm
Cream KitWax ProductsCold Wax Strips FaceCold Wax Strips Bikini, Underarm, & Face KitCold Wax Strips Leg & BodyHigh Precision Warm Wax (Over 20 Uses) FaceReady-to-Use Wax Strips
(20-Count)Ready-to-Use Wax Strips
Bikini, Underarm, & Face Kit
(20-Count)Ready-to-Use Wax Strips
Leg & Body
(40-Count)High Precision Warm Wax
(Over 20 Uses) Face
(0.5 Ounces)

*than shaving. Based on a clinical study conducted under the control of a dermatologist that measured smoothness of legs over time after depilation with VEET Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Face as compared to after shaving with a razor.

Trademark Information:


Product Features

  • Essential oils and velvet rose scent
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Get touchably smooth skin for up to twice as long as shaving