Taylor of Old Bond Street Avocado Shaving Cream In A Bowl, 5.3-Ounce

It lathers easily and gives a nice luxurious lather for your shave

I decided to take up traditional wet shaving about 4 months ago. I still haven’t mastered the safety razor, and have reverted to my Gillette Fusion razor. However, I kept the brush and the Taylor of Old Bond Street creams. It lathers easily and gives a nice luxurious lather for your shave.

The shave I get with this cream is literally baby’s-butt smooth. There’s not a hair or stubble to be felt anywhere that I shaved. It’s a far better shave than I ever got with foam-in-a-can or gel-in-a-can like I used to use. Razor burn with my Power Fusion razor and the ToBS Avocado is gone. It just doesn’t happen. (The Safety Razor still gives me razor burn. I probably need to work on my technique.) Ingrown hairs and neck boils have gone away, too. The only thing I really changed is the shave cream.

The avocado oil in the cream leaves my face nicely moisturized after I’m done, too. As others have said, this doesn’t really smell like Avocado, at least not to my nose. It’s got a scent that I can only really describe as “green” – herbal, lightly floral, not so much with wood scents, but a very light nature-y springtime smell. I like it. Others have said they got a tub to last a year. My first tub only lasted two months. Perhaps I’m using too much. Perhaps it’s my brush. Regardless, I’m reordering because this stuff is so good. I’m also getting a tub of the Grapefruit scent, too.

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Product Features

  • Fresh avocado scent and avocado oil make the shave both pleasurable and friction free.
  • Produces a rich, creamy lather that helps lift the hairs away from the face for clear cutting
  • Included bowl makes the lathering easy
  • Avocado Shaving Cream in a Jar


Shave Merkur Futur and Old Bond St Cream

Today I am using the Merkur Futur razor with a wilkinson sword blade, and Old bond St shaving cream. Fantastic stuff.
August 15, 2014 - Comment
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  1. sethat says:

    TOBS Avocado is a staple in my shave kit I’ve been DE shaving now for about 10 years. The secret to a close, comfortable wet shave (DE or cartridge) is all in the prep. A good blade is important, but quality lather is what makes a quality shave. I’ve experimented with quite a few soaps, gels, creams over the years. Most products come and go, but I never let myself run out of TOBS avocado cream.Like others have said, the smell is probably more reminiscent of cucumber than avocado. I consider the fragrance light and…

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