The Bare Pair ‘Double Team’ King Kombo – Body Hair Management System (w/ Exfoliating Glove)

Who’s got bigBALLS? We’ve got bigBALLS! Your favorite body hair management system is back as the Bare Pair King Kombo, tricked-out with time-saving tools and featuring TWICE the new Bare Balm bigBALLS Formula as before! Super-sensitive yet fast acting with a ‘mouth-watering’ smell, the bigBALLS Formula is simply the best hair removal lotion available to men. All Bare Pair King Kombos come equipped with the ‘Bare Paw’ exfoliating glove and ‘Slick-Sticks’ to make body hair management-even in sensitive spots-a painless, no-brainer. We even include ‘Tip-Tops’ for clients who want extra precision when dealing with the hair down there. As always, Calm Balm comes standard with every Bare Pair so you and your skin end happy.

We’ve sorted through thousands of bits of customer feedback and we’ve tested and retested and calibrated and recalibrated Bare Balm to achieve an unparalleled sensitivity coupled with the exceptional hair removing power of the new bigBALLS Formula. After the huge success of the Bare Pair Original we wanted to include some elements to make even the uninitiated feel at ease baring the hair, anywhere. Enter the ballsBALM ‘Bare Paw’-a no-nonsense cotton exfoliating glove that makes removing Bare Balm and wiping away body hair a cinch. We also give you 100% biodegradable, 100% natural and 100% effective ‘Slick-Sticks’ to help you apply Bare Balm without having to root around the house for a spreader. We top it all off by giving you some ‘Tip-Tops’ that give you some added control when baring your pair-we appreciate them and we think you will too.
We’re confident that guys who take their appearance seriously will appreciate the attention we’ve paid to the Bare Pair in helping them with the annoying task of body hair management. So if you’re tired of the pain, humiliation, and expense of managing your body hair score a Bare Pair King Kombo and do it like a pro!

Product Features

  • Dual-stage body hair management system for men to remove stubborn body hair while protecting your skin.
  • Specially designed for ALL body parts south of the neck including ‘fun’ zones.
  • Made by and for active men (not a converted lady’s product or brand).
  • Start with BARE BALM (16 fl. oz) to erase unruly body hair gently and easily in minutes!
  • Follow up with CALM BALM (4 fl. oz) to finish the job right by fortifying the skin to leave you smooth and dangerously touchable.


Pubic Hair Management: How To Groom Your Groin! (Manscaping)
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In this video male image consultant, grooming expert and men's fashion expert Aaron Marino talks about how to best manage your pubic hair (manscaping)! Learn the right and the wrong way to remove or trim your pubs (pubic hair). Keeping your pubs managed and maintained is a vital component to your grooming regiment. Learn how to manscape with these simple tips and tricks.
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3 thoughts on “The Bare Pair ‘Double Team’ King Kombo – Body Hair Management System (w/ Exfoliating Glove)

  1. CustomerU says:

    works! I have a lot of hair and very sensitive skin. So, shaving is not really an option for me.Found this staff by an accident. Review were generally good. So, I gave it a try. I tried it on different body parts. Didn’t write a review right away because wanted to see a long time effect. Conclusion: it works for me. Recommendations. If u use it to remove a long hair, trim it first, otherwise cream will kind of trim upper hair but won’t be able to get rid of the roots, it just can’t get to it…

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