TOUCHBeauty Waterproof Hair Removal Epilators for Women operated by battery

Unlike other hair removal methods that can be harsh on sensitive skin, TOUCHBeauty Electric Lady Shaver is ideal for delicate skin.

• The result will be a soft and smooth skin without irritation, nicks, or cuts that waxes, chemicals, and razors can leave behind.
• The precision trimmer gives you a flawless bikini line, while the micro shaver features hypoallergenic foil its gentle on the skin.
• Comes with multi-function blades, the TOUCHBeauty Electric Lady Shaver has everything you need to trim and shape.
• The comb ensures gentle yet efficient shaving in the most sensitive areas.
• It is easy and convenient to clean and is a water resistant design.
• You can rinse the appliance under running water for cleaning. It can be used for dry or wet shaving.

Name:Ladies’ Hair Removal Epilators
Item NO.:AS-1459
Material:ABS,Stainless steel
Packing:Color box
Executive Standard:Q/YYH004-2011
Patent NO.:ZL201330144795.X

What You Will Get: 
1* Ladies’ Shaver
1* Comb-like cover
1* Small Cleaning brush
1* User Manual

How to clean:
1.After each use, please turn the device off.
2.Press the latch, remove the cutter head, and clean the blades with a cleaning brush.
3.DO NOT press the net blade in case of damage.
4.Clean the cutter head and blades with water and air dry or towel dry.

Tips: Wet the area that you are going to trim for a couple of minutes before trimming.

Product Features

  • Multi-function Blades for a Flawless Bikini Line
  • Comes with an integrated cutter head and super-thin steel net
  • Smart comb-like cover, combs and trims simultaneously
  • Flower bud-shaped, ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
  • Waterproof Hair Removal Epilators Powered by 2 AAA Battery (Not Included)

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3 thoughts on “TOUCHBeauty Waterproof Hair Removal Epilators for Women operated by battery

  1. BCSmith says:

    When I saw this shaver I thought that it would be a good one to start with So I never really had a need to get my very own shaver because well, I always had my husband’s shaver. Then one day he told me to get my own, of course I didn’t listen to him but it got me thinking about getting my own. When I saw this shaver I thought that it would be a good one to start with. Being that I didn’t really know what I was looking for in my own shaver I figured it would either be great or horrible.Enter hairy winter legs! I am a…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The TOUCHBeauty Waterproof Removal Epilator is a great little shaver! This shaver is lightweight and compact making it ideal to take with you on trips. It only requires 2 AAA batteries (not included.) It is also VERY simple to use once you pop those AAA’s in. It’s ergonomic grip made it comfortable to use and not awkward. It would be perfect for a teen or someone just starting to use an electric shaver. The top is removable making it easy to clean with the included cleaning brush…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let me cut to the chase, I am hairy beast, hear me ROAR! I have tried many electric shaver and they have not done so well with me. Before I divulge anymore embarrassing body facts, the TOUCHBeauty Waterproof Removal Epilator has not backed down yet against my formidable body hair.The touchbeauty electric shaver runs of 2 AA batteries, has an easily removable shaver head, and it is waterproof. The shaver is easy to hold and it has two trimmers on either side of the foil razor in the…

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