Truefitt & Hill Rose Shaving Cream 190g/6.7oz

Rich, glycerin-based shaving cream has been and still is one of the best shaving creams around. Perfect for use with or without a brush, luxurious cream creates a rich lather, soothing and protecting even the most sensitive of skin. Available in six different fragrances and a guy can’t go wrong with any.

Product Features

  • Rich Lather To Soothe and Protect Skin

November 22, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Truefitt & Hill Rose Shaving Cream 190g/6.7oz

  1. E. Swansen says:

    Excellent value and pleasureable scent *a must buy for a wet shave* I recently started wet shaving (within the last two months) and have come to regard shaving as something I look forward to now. I use a Merkur Futura double-edged razor and have bought an assortment of different shaving creams to try, including Prorasso (italian eucalyptus stuff), Taylor of Bond Street (avocado) and the Truefitt & Hill Traflagar. My top choice is the Trufitt & Hill hands down.While many people might see the $22 as expensive, most people need to realize that a very…

  2. Bertilak says:

    True Luxury THIS REVIEW IS FOR THE “1805” VERSION but probably applies to all.Truefitt and Hill have been making shaving cream since 1805 and this is one of their core products. They are justly proud of it, to the point of naming it “1805”.This is an amazingly effective shave cream. It does all the things the best quality creams do and does them well: softens the beard, lubricates and conditions the skin.The best way to apply this cream is with a brush. A small scoop of…

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