Ultimate Shaving Experience! Safety Razor – Premium Quality Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor

Absolute pleasure, from the razor to the company behind it!

This is my first DE razor that my wife bought me for my birthday and I love it. It was quickly shipped and nicely packaged in its own box. They also worked with my wife making sure I was surprised. The kit came with a stand and a 5 pack of razors which was also a pleasant surprise. The razor has a nicely weighted handle with knurling along the handle for grip. The butterfly head makes for the easiest or blade changes. No messing around with the head, simply place the blade and twist the handle to secure it in place. I’ve been using it for a week now and i do not see myself going back to my *Fusion. Shaving has become a hobby for me and this is the latest addition I’m happy to use in the morning instead of dreading. I especially love the simple stand, it’s functional and practical. Thanks Ambroley for a fantastic product, and showing true customer service to my wife. I can’t wait to buy more. Cheers!

Premium Quality Shave and Elimination of Razor Burn

Our Brand New Premium Butterfly Opening Razor System! Simple swivel blade replacement system for the Ultimate Shave

Shaving With A Wet Razor Helps To Promote Healthier Skin

Traditional Products are full of nutrients and moisturizers

– Helps eliminate razor burn, ingrown hairs, redness and bumps

Save Money with a Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor

– A Safety Razor Set is cheaper when considering the cost of disposable cartridges and provides an overall cleaner, better shave

Wet Shaving is easier on the environment

– A metal blade is easily recycled and the lather from traditional cream products is much more eco-friendly than mainstream gels and creams

Wet Shaving is better for you!

– A closer shave makes you look your best and therefore leaves you feeling better about yourself!

We are so sure you will love our Butterfly Open Safety Razor that we provide a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30 day money back guarantee . Follow the Amazon.com Returns process and return the Razor within 30 days and we will return your money immediately. It is a risk free offer for you! So go ahead and select the Add to Cart button on this page to buy our DE Safety Razor as this price will not be around for long. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you should be doing today. Buy our Safety Razor today!

Product Features

  • Sturdy Long Handle – Well Balanced For Any Size Hand
  • Sure Grip – Even With Wet Hands
  • Heavy Duty and Durable – Premium Butterfly Open Blade Changing System
  • Will Fit Any Double Edge Blade
  • Comes With Stand and 5 Derby Blades


How Its Made - Butterfly Safety Razors

How they make butterfly safety razors.
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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Shaving Experience! Safety Razor – Premium Quality Long Handle Butterfly Open Double Edge Razor

  1. Justin Brian Smith says:

    5 Stars!!! All The Way Around Amazing Razor! For starters, the packaging was just outstanding. The razor itself is hands down the best razor I’ve ever had. The title says “the ultimate shaving experience” and that’s precisely what it is! I like it so much I am ordering them as gifts for my friends this coming Christmas.The butterfly opening works great and the blade sits perfectly even and balanced inside the razor. The stand is really useful too, keep’s it organized on the shelf and looks very cool sitting out on the counter…

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