Veet Full Body Waxing Kit Sensitive Skin 20 Wax Strips

5 Steps to beautiful touchably smooth skin: 1.Rub the wax strip between your hands for approximately 5 seconds to warm the wax. Top tip: If you are waxing for a special occasion, try not to do it the night before to avoid any tell-tale redness. 2.Holding the EasyGrip tab, slowly peel the strips apart. 3.Apply the strip with EasyGrip tab to your leg towards the ankle and rub the strip repeatedly in the direction of hair growth (knee to ankle). 4.Holding the EasyGrip tab, pull the strip back on itself against the direction of hair growth (from ankle to knee for legs) very quickly and in 1 swift motion, keeping the strip as close to your skin as possible. Hold the skin taut to avoid discomfort. 5.After waxing, remove any excess wax with a Perfect Finish wipe. Note: It is normal that your skin turns red after waxing, as is a minor stinging sensation on sensitive skin. If you experience discomfort, burning sensation, or bruising apply a cold compress to skin. Symptoms should disappear within 24 hours. If not, seek medical advice. Precautions: Follow the directions for use indicated on the leaflet inside the pack. Designed for use on legs, arms, underarms & bikini line, but not suitable for use on the face, head, breast, perianal or genital areas. Do not use on varicose veins, moles, broken, irritated, sunburnt skin or on skin which has suffered an adverse reaction to waxes in the past. Hair should be between 2mm and 5mm long. If the hair is longer, trim it with scissors or clippers before you wax to avoid discomfort and damage to skin when waxing. Check with your doctor before using if you are on any medication that can affect the skin or if you suffer from any skin related disorder. Waxing is not suitable for the elderly or diabetics. Waxing is suitable for pregnant woman but may cause bruising. In case of ingestion, consult a Physician or Position Control Center immediately and reference this packing.

Product Features

  • With vitamin E and almond oil, vitamin E is a natural antioxidant and almond oil is known to revitalize the skin.
  • Get beautiful smooth skin in easy steps in the comfort of your home.
  • No heating, No mess – discover a whole new way to wax.
  • Veet EasyGrip Ready-to-Use Wax Strips: makes the waxing process more intuitive and simpler.
  • 20 Wax Strips Ready-to-Use Waxing Kit

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