Veet High Precision Facial Wax Hair Remover, 0.50 Ounce

My wife says this was fairly easy to use but she states that you use a warmer water temperature than is recommended and warm it for longer than recommended as well. Otherwise the wax is too hard to squeeze out. Once warm enough the waxing kit worked ok, removing around 75% of hair, not removing all. But repeated applications did a good job at removing almost all. Also she found it easy to wash off.

But because it required repeated applications for good results my wife said it is not something she would use all the time. But that it is a good item to have available when she felt up to the ‘work’.


callout top with logoHigh Precision Facial WaxAt a Glance:Precision applicator tip for accurate wax placement on eyebrows, upper lip, and chin Removes hair closer to the root* for smoothness that lasts up to four weeksWax is water-rinseable, so wipe away application mistakes with a wet washclothReady for use in one minute in hot tap water Includes reusable strips that can be cut to sizeVEET High Precision Warm Wax (Over 20 Uses) Face (0.5 Ounces) Product ShotPrecision Applicator Tip for Facial Hair Removal

Ideal for shaping your eyebrows or removing hair on your upper lip, VEET High Precision Wax comes with a precision applicator tip that gives you control over wax application. The dermatologist-tested warm wax is easy to use so you can achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your home. Just heat the wax tube in hot tap water for one minute and you’re ready to apply.

Remove Hair Closer to the Roots* with Reusable Strips

The wax tube comes with 20 reusable strips that can be cut to size for areas like your eyebrows, upper lip and chin. The strips work to gently and painlessly remove wax and hair from your face. The wax adheres to your hair and lifts away at the roots so you’ll achieve smooth skin that lasts for up to four weeks. Plus, hair tends to grow back softer and thinner after waxing.

Dye and Fragrance Free

With a Sensitive Formula for use on delicate areas of your face, High Precision Wax does not contain dyes or fragrances. The wax contains almond oil and leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized after each use.

Use with Other VEET Wax Options for Complete Hair Removal System

High Precision Wax is designed to remove hair on the face, particularly the eyebrow, upper lip, and chin areas. For removing hair on your legs, underarms, and elsewhere on the body, try VEET Ready-to-Use Wax Strips Hair Remover Legs & Body.

About VEET: Perfecting Smooth Skin

VEET products allow you to achieve silky, smooth skin. Backed by over 80 years of experience, VEET is preferred by over 30 million women around the world every year. Their easy-to-use products include creams and waxes that fit into your busy, modern lifestyle. VEET continues to introduce new products to stay in tune with women’s hair removal needs.

What’s in the Box

VEET High Precision Facial Wax Hair Remover – 0.5 fl oz (15 mL) applicator and 20 reusable strips.

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(Over 20 Uses) Face
(0.5 Ounces)

*than shaving. Based on a clinical study conducted under the control of a dermatologist that measured smoothness of legs over time after depilation with VEET High Precision Facial Wax as compared to after shaving with a razor.

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Product Features

  • High precision facial wax hair remover
  • Sensitive formula with almond oil
  • For perfect results that last

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2 thoughts on “Veet High Precision Facial Wax Hair Remover, 0.50 Ounce

  1. E. Barron "alphabetjungle" says:

    Not for the hair of my chinny-chin-chin I used this product on my chin. I actually let the three most annoying chin hairs grow out a bit since the instructions say it does not work on very short hair. When I applied this after following the instructions–heating the wax by putting the tube in a glass of very hot tap water–it went on like stiff, sticky glue. I then pressed one of the provided fabric strips 3 times according to instructions, held my skin taunt and then pulled it off in the direction of the hair growth. I actually had…

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