Venus ComfortGlide with Olay Sugarberry Women’s Razor – 1 handle + 2 refills

Discover the secret to an easy, yet indulgently close shave with Venus ComfortGlide with added Olay moisture. Envelop your skin in a lotion-like plushness. Flexible moisture bars release body butter allowing the razor to glide seamlessly, while 5 Blades give you an unbelievably close shave, revealing lush soft skin. Sugarberry-scented.

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Product Features

  • Womens razor with 5 curve-hugging blades for a Venus close shave
  • Olay Sugarberry Moisture Bars flex to curves and lather to release lush body butters
  • No need for separate shave cream
  • Sugarberry scent
  • Any Venus blade fits any Venus razor handle, except Venus Simply 3


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

November 15, 2017 - Comment
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5 thoughts on “Venus ComfortGlide with Olay Sugarberry Women’s Razor – 1 handle + 2 refills

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    One of my favorite razors I like the fact that it has the pre-gelled part, however the soap on the razor itself does not last very long. This is probably one of my favorite type of razors though because you can switch out the blade part and continue to use the handle part. I don’t think this razor is a cheaper than the disposable ones, but it makes my legs feel smoother. The blade lasts for about a week for me, but it could last up to a week and a half. I wouldn’t recommend it any longer than that since blades do dull…

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