Verseo Conductive Large Patches Hair Removal

VerseoePad Conductive Patches Features: The extra large body pads remove hair quicklyand painlessly. Includes 4 large body pads and 2 round body pads. For use withVerseo ePad Electrolysis System. Each Pad may be used 8 treatments. 365 DAY NOHASSLE RETURN GUARANTEE. Developed in Europe atented galvanic technology anduses the same technology used by professionals. Clinically proven to removehair permanently. Removes facial hair, shapes eyebrows, upper lip, legs, bikiniline and back. Self-adhesive body pads remove hair from larger areas. Featuresan automatic buzzer/timer, built-in skin sensor for conductivity, and LEDindicator light. The ePad has double leads and uses large body pads that aretwice the size of our other large pads. This means you can use 2 sets (6 largepads) at one time covering more area for fast and painless hair removal. TheePad is perfect legs and other large areas of the body. The Verseo ePad usesthe same technology used by professionals in salons and spas. ePad treats largeareas with our adhesive pads (all in just one treatment). Using sophisticatedgalvanic technology, the ePad transmits special current to the root of the hairand prevents the hair from ever growing back. The Verseo ePad has beenclinically tested and proven safe for permanent and painless hair removal. Arecent medical study by the University of Utah now confirms that the Verseo ePad is as effective and in somecases even more effective than Professional Electrolysis.

Product Features

  • Replacement conductive patches are the perfect solution for covering large areas with the Verseo ePad. Removes unwanted hair from legs and other large area of your body. A quick, painless alternative to electrolysis. Contains 4 large body pads and 2 round pads. Each pad can be used for 8 treatments.

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