Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System

Permanent Hair Removal SystemePen’s hair removal kit eliminates the need for costly wax treatments as this system removes unwanted hair permanently, and in the privacy of your own home. The pen-shaped removal wand works on the face, underarm, bikini line, or anywhere you have unwanted hair, and works without the use of painful needles. Instead, the ePen uses small pulses of electrical energy to get right to the hair follicle, and destroy the root so you can tweeze or wipe hairs away. First you must apply the conductive pads or the conductive gel to the area with a cotton tip, and then put a cotton bud on the end of the ePen. Put the ePen to the hair removal area and press the button. The green light goes on when you’ve made good contact with the conductive gel, and a buzzer goes off after 20 seconds to notify you that the treatment is finished. The ePen does require a few uses to ensure that you’ve removed all hairs within a growth cycle. The kit comes with the ePen wand, two jars of conductive gel, a set of three reusable conductive pads, a pad lead, cotton buds, and tweezers packed in a handy folding pouch. This electrolysis pen is guaranteed for one year after purchase. –Cristina Vaamonde

Product Features

  • Needle-free electrolysis pen removes unwanted hair permanently
  • Easy and comfortable to use; automatic timer/buzzer
  • Self-adhesive pads for multiple treatments
  • Also includes pad leads, cotton buds, conductive gel, tweezers
  • 3-sided folding pouch; 1-year guarantee

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3 thoughts on “Verseo ePen Permanent Hair Removal System

  1. Denise Ooi "" says:

    Ive never felt so betrayed by a tv commercial I was fascinated by the claims they make on their commercials,”easy, fast,effective and clinically proven”. I chose to buy this over a rotary epilator. There wasnt even a single doubt bone when I ordered my set in febuary this year, I also ordered a total of 42 replacement pads thruout the months. I treated only my underarms and face, and i did it like the instructions red,20 mins, twice a week on clean dry skin. I also got several tweezermans to tweeze my hair after each…

  2. Cheryl A. Webster "Gamer Granny" says:

    Ok think about this logically… …if it worked, there would be dozens of other units for sale from other companies in stores everywhere. When something works and would be popular (and painless permanent hair removal WOULD be popular), tons of other companies want their slice of the profit pie. So they make their own electrolysis pen so they can reap the benefits too. Do you see 10 different brands of electrolysis pens out on the shelves? Nope, because it doesn’t work.I started electrolysis treatments 18 months…

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