VIKINGS BLADE Grand Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl – Fits All Soap Pucks (Large)

The big brother to the Chairman luxury shaving bowl with Vikings Blade patent-applied microscopic technology to generate lather more effortlessly. Double the size and volume of the Chairman bowl. Fits large pucks.

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Product Features

  • Product of Australia – Heavy duty stainless steel (184g) – LARGE Diameter: 3.55″
  • 2019 NEW Release: Fits LARGE pucks and all shaving creams. DOUBLE the height + volume of the standard Chairman bowl
  • Frosted Microscopic Finish: Generates EXTRA lather much FASTER (Vikings Blade’s patent pending technology)
  • Rough and tactile surface for ultra grip & a rugged, manly look
  • A crucial piece to the Vikings Blade wet shaving collection


Online Beauty Products
Online Beauty Products

December 4, 2018 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “VIKINGS BLADE Grand Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl – Fits All Soap Pucks (Large)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your Heirs Will Be Fighting Over Who Gets This Shaving Bowl! A shaving bowl needs to do three things.1.) Generate a rich, thick, creamy lather2.) Stay firmly and securely in your hand.3.) Last a lifetimeEnter The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl from Vikings Blade. Made from Heavy Stainless Steel, it meets and exceeds all three criteria.As background, let me mention that I’ve been using a variety of cheap and inexpensive ceramic shaving bowls I’ve obtained from thrift stores and garage sales. I’ve…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing quality but… The overall quality of this bowl is incredible. It feels great in the hand, the texture is brilliant, it has a nice substantial weight to it. It even makes a very satisfying sound when you knock something on it. However it did not keep water warm for very long at all, and most surprisingly, my Vikings blade brush wouldn’t fit in it to let it soak in warm water. When I placed the brush in, it would either tip the bowl or the brush would topple out due to its weighted base.That being…

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