Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer, 27 Pieces

Wahl 27 Piece Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer. Multi-cut clipper with “Dura-Chrome” finish and soft touch features Comfort Grip with Powerdrive and adjustable taper control. Includes clipper, battery operated S-trimmer, 12 guide combs, barber comb, styling/flattop comb, scissors, cape, blade oil, cleaning brush, 2 hair clips, blade guard for both, mirror, spray bottle, soft zippered storage case and full-color English/Spanish instructions/styling guide. Comes in a gift box.The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro 27-Piece Complete Haircut Kit has all the tools you need to make haircutting at home easier than ever. Perfect for total body grooming, this haircut kit is used by a wide variety of people for their haircutting needs, including professional cyclists, swimmers, and other athletes to trim body hair.

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The Chrome Pro makes haircutting at home easier than ever. View larger.

Exclusive Wahl Features
Exceptional even for its brand, the Deluxe Chrome Pro is quiet yet powerful. The self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades stay sharp longer and are precision honed for accuracy and durability. The thumb-adjustable taper control allows multiple cutting lengths with a single flip of the lever.

Made For Anybody’s Hair
The multi-cut clipper is made with a premium DuraChrome finish and an ergonomic design with a soft touch grip that makes it easy to handle at any angle. Also built with an easy-to-handle contoured shape, the compact trimmer cleans up necklines, touch-up sideburns, and trim around the ears (It requires 2 AA batteries). Whether you’ve got long flowing locks or a wrestler’s buzz cut, the various guide combs makes haircutting easy, even in tricky places, such as eyebrows and around the ears.

Built To Last
Haircutting at home should be easy — whether it’s a slight trim a complete makeover. With its full-color English and Spanish instructions, you’ll quickly learn to use this complete haircut kit to its potential. With a convenient soft black case for all the accessories, the kit is easy to grab and take it wherever you go. Made in the U.S.A. and built with quality products, the clipper comes with a 5-year limited warranty; the trimmer comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

What’s in the Box
Multi-cut clipper with blade guard, cordless compact trimmer with blade guard, soft storage case, barber comb, medium comb, scissors, 2 hair clips, cleaning brush, blade oil, mirror, spray bottle, cape, eyebrow trim guide comb, ear trim guide comb, 10 guide combs, and full-color English and Spanish instructions. The Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro Haircut Kit offers: 27-piece kit lets you trim your hair and body hair. DuraChrome finish and ergonomic design for easy handling. Full-color English and Spanish instruction booklet. High-carbon steel blades are self-sharpening for precision and durability.

Product Features

  • Complete haircutting kit with multi-cut clipper
  • Top of the line powerful multi-cut clipper with comfort grip, premium Dura-Chrome finish and taper control for adjusting the lenghth you want to cut
  • Compact battery operated S-Trimmer with contoured shape for easy handling, Perfect for touch-up or giving your haircut that pro look
  • Wahl exclusive clipper attachments and accessories

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2 thoughts on “Wahl 79524-1001 Deluxe Chrome Pro with Multi-Cut Clipper & Trimmer, 27 Pieces

  1. S. Rogan "Web Hunter" says:

    Just like the pros… I think… I have been through three of the ‘rechargeable’ trimmer/clippers over the last few years. They work well in the beginning, but the power, which leaves you wanting to begin with, fades over time with cycling of the battery and eventually they die. As expensive as the good ones are ($40-$90), it is cost prohibitive to repair them, so they get chucked into the trash and a new one is purchased. I was tired of throwing my money away and for years I have admired the heavy duty looking trimmers I have…

  2. Mark Feinberg "Mark F" says:

    Sturdy, Quality trimmer I have now used the clippers a couple of times and can say that they are a great product. It was very sturdy in my hand and felt like a professional quality trimmer. There was no jamming or binding of the clippers – it glided through my hair with no problems (although I do have fairly thin hair, hence I cut it very short). I only used the trimmer and not any of the attachments – I cut my hair very short using the blade only and no length guide – so I can’t comment on those. However, I must…

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