Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

I love this trimmer. It works great and the charge lasts a long time. I normally use the adjustable comb at setting “3” to trim up my beard. I also use it for overall body grooming, just take it into the shower, shave down, then shower.

I haven’t tried any other trimmers but this thing is worth it’s weight in gold. Finally had to give up on the first one I bought 4-5 years ago. Battery was starting to fade a bit and the clippers got a little rusty due to negligence. The cheap bum that I am purchased on Amazon vs Target to save $2… ya I know. If you’re in the market for a battery power trimmer to man scape, shave head, trim etc, this thing is BEAST MODE.

  Going GREEN just got a little easier:
What makes the WAHL Lithium Ion a Smart Choice for both you and the environment?


The WAHL Lithium Ion Trimmer will only consume the energy it needs to charge itself then will shut down. Unlike other trimmers that consumer energy as long as they are plugged in.
The WAHL Lithium Ion runners 3x longer that the average personal trimmer. The average trimmer requires charging far more often, thus consuming more energy.
The WAHL Lithium Ion has almost no charge loss in storage, which means the energy used to charge the Lithium Ion is all there when you need it. Unlike other trimmers, which on average loses over 18% of their charge each day — just sitting around.

Professional grade blades to define your facial style.
Intricate designs or personal trimming of the ear, nose & brow.
Ultra close shave & ability to edge with precision.
Hair Cut, Outline and Fade with barbershop results.   About Wahl
As a family-owned and run company, Wahl has been inventing and manufacturing grooming appliances for over 89 years in Sterling, IL. In 1984, we invented the first consumer cordless beard and mustache trimmer. Unlike our competition who source their product, our products are engineered and manufactured in a Wahl factory. We provide professional quality products that no other company equals. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our reputation is in our name.

What’s in the Box:
Lithium Ion Unit, Trimmer Blade, Detail Blade, Dual Shaver, T-Blade, Beard Guide Combs: Stubble, Medium, Full, 6-Position Guide, T-Blade Guide Combs: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, Charger, Beard Comb, Cleaning Brush, Blade Oil, Storage/Charge Base, English/Spanish Instructions/Styling Guide

Product Features

  • Powerful lithium ion battery that hold a charge up to 10 times longer with 3 times the run time and 2 times the torque.
  • Five minute quick charge and 1 hour full charge
  • 3 beard guides, ear nose and brow detailer, dual foil shaver, T-blade trimmer with three guide combs.
  • Rechargeable
  • English and Spanish instructions

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3 thoughts on “Wahl 9854-600 Lithium Ion All In One Trimmer

  1. D. R. Jeanclerc "Reader, Listener & Obsessive... says:

    Not Quite “All In One”, but What It Does Well, It Does Very Well (3.5 stars) The Wahl Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer definitely delivers on its promise of power. You feel it the instant you turn it on – that is one powerful motor inside its small, lightweight case. This provides a lot of cutting torque for comfortable, clean trimming of beards, mustaches and body hair. However, the power comes with downsides in terms of vibration and noise as well. And while the set is packaged with numerous attachments, not all of them are very useful. Finally, the…

  2. Abe Vigoda "part-time inventor" says:

    This particular one is of bad quality First off… People, be aware of “Vine Program” reviewers. Keep in mind that these people did not pay for the item and did not actively go out and search for the product they now own. I, on the other hand, was actually looking for this here electric “clipper”.One PRO:1- At first I was glad to see that WAHL had finally designed a shaver with a lithium battery because the nickel-cadium battiers in their other units die out way too fast. As it turns out, the battery was the…

  3. Traveler says:

    Powerful, but Wahl needs to work on keeping it simple ProsPowerful motorKeeps its chargeFeels solidStandard Wahl narrow blade head good for precise trimsConsToo many accessories! A better design could keep it more simpleStandard Wahl narrow blade head not as good for faster trimsI’ve owned a half a dozen rechargeable trimmers, most of them for beards, and I have to say that I’ve never been that impressed regardless of the brand name. I can’t seem to find one that’s both simple and…

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