Wahl Professional 8081 5-star Series Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer

Powerful corded trimmer with ac rotary motor. t-blade adjusts to zero-overlap for precise trimming.

Product Features

  • Powerful lightweight rotary trimmer. 5 inch in length
  • Includes 3 trimming guides (1/16 inch – 1/4 inch)
  • Includes cleaning oil and operating instructions

July 21, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Wahl Professional 8081 5-star Series Detailer Powerful Rotary Motor Trimmer

  1. D. Brown "MechEng" says:

    Great! Purchased this clipper because I have rather dense facial hair that grows quite rapidly, and I am occasionally not quite as diligent about shaving as I should be. Hence, I can end up with some inconveniently-long growth on my face, beyond what my shaver can effectively remove. I’ve gone through three less-expensive rechargeable trimmers, it seems that it’s always the batteries that go, usually three or four months in.So far I’ve had this one perhaps three weeks, and it serves my…

  2. Ts Hunter "DJ Comatose" says:

    Is it worth it? Answer is, yes, it is worth it. The best haircutter/razor I have ever owned. Half the size of regular haircutters, but twice the power and versatility. No joke. Doesn’t pull hair, and gives a clean, smooth cut, that is very close and even good for sensitive skin like mine is. I use it for cutting beards and also for cutting hair, and it works excellent for both. I don’t think I’m ever going to buy a cheap/crappy one ever again. Seriously, once I used this one the very first time, my old…

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