Wahl Professional 8329 Essentials Combo

Wahl Clippers.,

I bought this set of wall clippers to clean up my hairy neck between hair cuts and to buzz my head instead of paying $10-15 every 6 weeks. I bought the set back in August and have used them half a dozen times so its paid for itself. I’m the type of person who would rather pay a little extra for quality. This set is high quality and industrial strength: contains 6 length clips, fine trimmers, regular clippers, and oil for the blades. Wahl advises oiling the blade with a drop each time you use them but I oil them every 3-4 times. Each clipper has a cord of about 3′ which is great cause there are no batteries, rechargeable batteries, or battery lengths to deal with. The clippers get warm but not hot after about 30 minutes. The fine trimmers are also convenient for other areas of body hair. If you want to pay yourself many times over order these durable, high quality clippers.

Wahl Professional Essentials Combo Trimmer and Clipper.

Product Features

  • 8 foot cord
  • 6 attachments
  • blade guards

August 30, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Wahl Professional 8329 Essentials Combo

  1. PAW "Happy Family" says:

    Great Trimmer I have been using Wahl trimmers for over 10 years. Usually I try not to spend more than $30.00. However I trim my husband and 3 kids about every 4 weeks or so. Unfortunately I have had to buy a new trimmer about every 2 years. Some either miss hair or get very loud.I shopped these Wahl trimmers this time online and Amazon is the least expensive. This would cost over $100 at the stores and I usually don’t spend more than $30 at the stores, so I decided to spend a little extra money…

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