Wahl Professional WA8242 Unicord Combo

Wahl professional unicord combo containing 1 clipper and 1 trimmer

Product Features

  • Lever adjust taper and texture
  • Reduces cord clutter
  • Blades adjust to zero overlap

October 14, 2014 - Comment
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2 thoughts on “Wahl Professional WA8242 Unicord Combo

  1. Mike V. says:

    Incredible Innovation This is such an incredible idea from Wahl that I personally want to keep it a secret. It just seems that when things are too good to be true in the barber world that they tend to get discontinued or the price will get jacked up and then no one will be able to afford it. Frankly, I’m scared a Wahl rep will see this and realize that they’ve discovered a diamond. So as a little insurance I bought two- yeah…it’s that good AND I am probably going to buy another one. Two clippers, one cord…

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