Wax Beans – LuckyFine Hard Wax Beans Hard Body Wax Beans Hot Film, Hair Removal Depilatory Wax Beads for Women Men, Suit for Body Facial Arm Legs and Sensitive Areas Bikini Area 300g/10oz (Lavender )

Color: Purple
Flavor: Lavender
Weight: 300g

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1 Bottle Hard Wax Beans

Online Beauty Products

1) first put the wax beans into the inner liner of the heater and melt the wax beans to the flowing state and the suitable temperature.
2) keep the skin clean and dry, and analyze the direction of hair growth.
3) with hair removal stick to take appropriate amount of hair removal wax, hair removal stick edge affixed to the skin, along the direction of hair coated with a thin and uniform hair removal wax.
4) wait for a moment, that has solidified wax stick. The skin hair removal site, lift and stick clenched wax tail edge, reverse the direction of hair growth quickly torn off. The hair will be pulled out together with the depilatory wax.
5) clean the skin. With the essence of care after nursing care of hair removal after the skin.

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1) wax products, please put them horizontally and keep away from heat sources. If wax products become sticky due to high temperatures, please store them in the refrigerator.
2) not for varicose veins, abscess, damage, sunburn or other damage to the skin.
3) please try a small area before use to make sure there is no allergy.
4) don’t let the wax hair removal wax paper or skin stay too long in time.
5) after hair removal, it is not appropriate to use water or alcohol to clean the residual wax on the skin. Swimming or exposure should not be allowed for 24 hours.
6) please keep it out of reach of children.

Product Features

  • PURE NATURAL: Natural wax Ingredients with natural lavender smell,make of natural lavender pollen instead of industral spicery.
  • LESS PAIN : Remove unwanted bodily hair easier, LuckyFine hard wax beans offer high quality stripless depilatory hot wax which ensures that all your hair come off easily, and with significantly less pain compared to any other types of waxing.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply melt the wax beans in a wax warmer, it can also be melted in a cup in the microwave, then use a spatula to apply the wax to your unwanted hairs. When the wax gets dry, tear it off from your skin directly with no cellophane or non-woven strip needed!
  • QUALITY SERVICE: If you are not satisfied with our product. Just send us a message and we¡¯ll take care of it! We will give you a satisfactory answer.

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