Wax Warmer DTOETKD Waxing Hair Removal Kit with 4 Hard Wax Beans + 20 Wax Applicator Sticks + 4 Small Bowls (At-home Waxing) (BLACK)

DTOETKD Wax Warmer Hair Removal kit — Enjoy Beautiful Life

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Benefits from Waxing

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Smooth, Silky Skin that Lasts
No Skin Damage, removing hair from root.
Finer and Softer Body Hair
Double Function of Hair Removal and Exfoliation
Waxing Diminishes Hair Growth

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How to use the Wax Warmer?

1. Clean the skin area that needs hair removal

2. Heat up until the wax beans are completely melted (Adjust the dial to 185℉ for fast melting.The warmer will stop working and light off when the wax melted totally) then rotate the knob to the 135℉ for heat preservation,keep 5 minutes.(it will start working and lighting again when temp under 105℉)

3. Spread a layer of wax over the skin in the direction of hair growth

4. Waiting for about 8 seconds, then peel off the wax in the opposite direction of hair growth

5. Clean up the residual wax over the skin with cleansing oil or baby oil

How to clean the Wax Pot?

1. Utilize a wax solvent or cleaner oils to remove residues

2. Or warm up wax until it melts and wipe with a towel or cloth

Why turn to 135℉ for heat preservation?

1. The optimum temperature for human body,the most comfort temperature

2. Keep temperature for waxing, wax will not to be solid


Do not use on wounds,cuts or broken skin

Test the wax temperature on waist before applying.

Do not take a shower or exposure within 2 hours after waxing

Do not add water or other liquids to wax beans

Package Include:

1 x Wax Heater (500 ml)
4 x Wax Beans
20 x Wooden Spatulas
4x Small Bowls
1x Tweezer
1x User Instructions


1.You needn’t cut the hairs short

2.For the short hair or just growing hair,the wax should be applied narrower and thicker and remove wax quickly

Product Features

  • Hair Waxing Kit Includes: New Generation at Home Wax Warmers Electric Heater 500ml (1 unit),4 different flavours wax beans made from natural ingredients like rosin and beeswax (chamomile / lavender / black currant / honey),100% non-toxic,20pcs Large Size Wooden Applicators,4 small bowls,a little tweezer.
  • Adjustable Temperature & Rapid Melting : The wax warmer with a wide range of accurate temperatures (from 105℉ to 185℉),only takes 10 minutes to heat the wax completely. For safety consideration, this wax warmer also with overheat protection feature and Auto-shut-off Function to maintain ideal wax consistency.
  • Long-lasting and Smooth Skin : Waxing removes hair from the root and thus slower growth,enjoying being hairless for 3-8 weeks. Waxing also exfoliates the skin resulting in improvement in tan as it removes a layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin. Then rejuvenated Skin and Finer Body Hair
  • See-Through Cover and Heat Preservation: DTOETKD wax warmer designed with clear lid, you can see wax melting process more intuitive,so you can have funny enjoy at-home waxing. Set the temperature at 135℉ after melt totally, wax can reach a great consistency but not burn your skin
  • Safe and Quality Guarantee: Highly purified wax and 100% FDA Approved,the waxing kit both for men and women suit for various skin types on all body areas including face, hands, legs, toes, eyebrow, arms, armpit, bikini lines. The electric wax warmer heat-resistant ABS material to prevent overheat. Just for full refund or replacement if you have any concerns.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Better than i expected. Not going to lie, i was a bit hesitant and scared to try this out especially on one of my sensitive areas….my armpits 😫 but i was just tired of spending so much money monthly on this so why not try it at home? The warmer is small, cute and easy to work! The instructions on how to use it are clear and tell you step by step how to wax. I have very thick hairs…so before that first strip got taken off i was crossing fingers it would work…sure enough all of the darn stubborn hairs were right…

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