WOWAX Microwave Waxing Kit, 8 ounce Brazilian Hot Wax Hair Removal Eyebrow Wax Kit At Home Use

Microwaveable Waxing Kit Includes:
8oz Hot Wax Jar
Exclusive Eyebrow Guide(3)
Disposable Waxing Large Spatulas(5)
Disposable Waxing Medium Spatulas(5)
Disposable Waxing Small Spatulas(5)
10ml Pre Wax Treatment
10ml After Wax Treatment

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1. Place the wax in a microwave oven until the wax melts.
2. Wax will become very hot after heating, cooling for a while and then run test on small area, ensure the temperature is appropriate before treatment.
3. Kindly clean your skin with Pre Wax Treatment Cleanser, use spatulas to apply wax smoothly in the direction of hair growth.
4. For the optimal effect, apply the wax thin and even and control the thickness of the wax at 0.2CM-0.5CM .
5. Wait for a few minutes until the wax is almost dry, then rip the wax from the skin quickly against the direction of the hair growth.
6. After wax application, gently moisturise the waxed area with the After Wax Treatment.
7. It is ideal for those coarse,strong,long and deep grown hairs and great for the areas of lips, armpits, bikini line, eyebrows and delicate skin etc.

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1. Apply wax along the direction of hair growth, tearing against the direction of hair growth.
2. In order to remove hair totally, the treated parts should be taut when rip the wax.
3. Do not apply wax on varicose veins skin, birthmarks nearby skin scars, tom or sun-damage skin.
4. After a wax hair removal, make sure you do not use deodorants,perfumed skin care products, and do not sun-bath for next 24 hours.
5. If you recently had a electrolysis or laser treatment cannot having a waxing treatment over the same area of the body as the skin may have been damaged.
6. People with high body temperature are advised to use in air-conditioned rooms.

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Product Features

  • MICROWAVE WAXING KIT: 8oz Brazilian Hard Wax Jar, 10ml Pre and After Wax Treatment, Exclusive Eyebrow Guide(3), Disposable Large Wax Sticks(5), Disposable Medium Wax Sticks(5), Disposable Small Wax Sticks(5), suitable for beginner.
  • MELTS IN SECONDS AND GREAT CONSISTENCY: Melts it in microwave oven for a few seconds. Stop heating before completely melt, and than stir to reach a great consistency. Be sure to test the temperature before waxing avoid burn yourself.
  • FAST HARDEN TIME AND STRIPS FREE: Ideal for busy estheticians. Stiffens on the skin quickly, peeled off to remove the hairs completely. Requires no muslin strips and leaves no residue on the skin.
  • WARM TIPS: Our FDA Approved Microwave Brazilian Hot Wax Kit removes even the coarsest hair from sensitive and delicate areas. For home and salon use, save your money and time. Rip the wax from the skin quickly and small area of hair removal once can reduce the pain.
  • ATTENTION: After wax treatment, the skin may get red and fell sensitive, this is normal and will fade away within 24 hours. Always run a skin test before use, especially for sensitive skin.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have very bushy eyebrows and not an over abundance of money, so this waxing kit was a wonderful buy for me. This was should last me a long time as I’m only planning on using it for eyebrows. The only problem I had was a string (picture pizza cheese when you pull it from the box) would sometimes come along and I had to quickly wipe it off before I lost more hair than intended. It was a little struggle but still, the kit is worth it in the long run. The wax held the hair and pulled off in one…

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