Yeelen Hard Wax Beans Brazilian Pearl Hard Wax Beads Hair Removal for Women Men Home Waxing

Product Features

  • The First Brand thant combine wax beans with Natural Plant Ingredients from Tee Tree / Lemon / Peppermint / Rosemary / Eucalyptus. Apart from painless hair remeval, Yeelen essential wax beans will also have health benefits. Like help heal skin irritations, including acne and dandruff.
  • 5 Kind of Natural Ingredients (Tee Tree / Lemon / Peppermint / Rosemary / Eucalyptus) Applied into Wax Beans, Which Inspired from 5 Most Popular Essencial Oils. Taken from the leaves & fruit in Australia China Japen. These natural ingredients improve the quality of wax beans and plant smells no more plastic smell.
  • More Painless & Smooth. These wax beads or pellets can be easily heated and melted for smooth at-home application. The tee tree bikini wax beans is perfect for sensitive, due to the soothing and revitalizing properties of the essential oil. Painless Wax hot wax helps the skin to relax and open up the pores, unlike shaving, which exposes the entire surface breadth of the skin to the sharp edge of the razor.
  • New Stylish Packing. Made of matt lamination, aluminium foil and PE that will last wax beans longer than any other wax beans on Amazon. 1n 2018, Yeelen makes all efforts to keep innovating from packing, new wax beans…more humanized service.
  • If you want smooth skin but still spending time in an appointment with a salon,have you explored some of the best home waxing kits? If you haven’t, it’s worth it.Yeelen 5 packs of wax beans set.We thought of all aspects for you,the face, bikini, and whole body that’ll leave you stubble-free in a pinch, and at a mere fraction of the salon price.


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