BAILI Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor Comfortable Wet Shaving Kit for Men Women Ladies with Stand, 5 Swedish Blades, Silver BD194

Made of premium high-end heavy duty ZAMAK Zinc Alloy material.
Long handle 11.6cm, suitable and better control for giant hand.
Brilliant chrome electroplated finish, provides a noble and elegant look.
Traditional razor offers old school and retro feel.
Microcomb system provides extra safety and smooth feel.
Come with a gift box, it’s a great gift for your friend, husband/wife, father or mother etc.

Top quality platinum coating blades.
Made of 6CR13 high quality Stainless Steel.
Made from American Safety Razor Co.USA.
Very sharp and durable.
Blades should not be drown in water, better kept in dry condition for long lasting.
For safety, Please keep them away from children.

Made of HDPE(inner tray) and Zinc Alloy(outer shell).
Perfect suit for this razor.
Might be suitable for other razors, but we can not guarantee.

Package Content:
1x Long Handle Safety Razor (Silver Color)
5x Platinum+ Blades
1x Razor Stand/Holder

Brand BAILI is established in 2002. And registered as United State Trademark.
BAILI is professional in manufacturing of all kinds of shaving products (shaving razor, razor blade, shaving foam and so on).
OEM service is also provided for many customers.
As you can see the razors on the market, most of them, even some famous brands, are made from us.
After 14 years of efforts, BAILI is now famous all over the world.
Excellent quality control, with competive price and good service earn our customers’ satisfaction.
Today, customers can saving more money from our M2C(Manufacturer to Customer) store.
Save your money today, buy from BAILI.

Product Features

  • RESPECT TRADITION: Traditional Wet shave is a glorious male ritual and the secret of a clean shave; it is pure and unadulterated manliness fine art that you should take part in. This classic, solid and elegant BAILI razor is the work of art that you must have or send it as a gift to your friends, father, husband, wife or sons.
  • PERFECT SHAVE: BAILI unique micro-comb system provides you gentle, close and smooth shave. Shaving with a safety razor will also eliminate the skin irritation and give your face a clean healthy look. Avoid dry shaving, which is the fastest ways to mess with your skin as it often leads to bleeding and razor burn. In order to get a smooth shave, we suggest splash your face with hot water at least, to soften your bristly hairs and open your pores before shaving.
  • ECO FRIENDLY & SAVING MONEY: Not like plastic and disposable razors which are impossible to recycle and harmful to our mother earth, BAILI safety razors are lifetime durable. All you need to do is to replace the blades which can be recycled. This could save you a lot of money over those multi blade plastic razors.
  • 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If the razor does not perform to your expectations, just return it for 100% refund in 30 days without question asked.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1x Retro Safety Razor (about 116mm/4.6in long, 100g/3.5oz weight). 5x Platinum Swedish Blades. 1x Blade Storage Box. 1x Shaving Stand. This razor is also suitable for women to shave legs.

Luxury Shaving Gift Set Safety Razor Shaving Brush Stand for Men Grooming Set for Father’s Day/Business Gift/Boyfriend/Husband Grandslam, Silver

What color do you think love is?
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Vivid Color
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Sweet Orange
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-Before shaving, we must use a hot towel deposited in the beard parts firstly, so that you can effectively soften the beard. When the pores are open, the cleaning will not let their skin whitening skin irritation and injury.
-Always keep the blade clean, preventing yourself from getting hurt by the blades when cleaning.
-If you think it’s not smooth when shaving, you can choose to use shaving soap, oil, or shave cream. In this way, you can let the beard smear more smoothly, and can effectively protect your skin.
-The head and the skin keep close to get the best shaving results. The angle of the razor and the skin is best kept at ninety degrees when using, so that the tip can reach the beard without hindrance to achieve the best shaving effect.

Please Notice:
Hair Falling: Our 100% badger hair brush is built stronger than most fake hair brush.
You may experience hair falling in the beginning, but it will stop after few uses.
Smell: All the hair has been sanitized, however the natural smell of badger hair may still present, but it will be gone over few uses.

Product Features

  • Luxury Shaving Kit as Gift: This is the Grandslam Shaving Set – Gift Pack. Life needs sense of ritual, let alone daily grooming necessity for men-SHAVING. Every time he shaves, your love is all around. This set is upscale of quality, decently packed. Your Ideal GIFT CHOICE. Feel the weight when you touch it.
  • Made for Classy Men: Shape your beard or Use the badger shaving brush, stir the natural milk soap in the shaving bowl to generate foam. Spread foam evenly on shaving area to soften hair for 60s. Most importantly, shave with the fusion 5 razor, which feathers clean and safe. Shave the beautiful face in the way you like!
  • Tips: If you want to keep clear face and don’t keep beard, shave upward and downward in turn. You’ll notice the small stab get cleaned nicely!
  • Expert On Even Details: Focus on Shaving for 10 years, the extraordinary surface finishing retains glory for steel part. Grandslam developed smooth and moisturizing formula Natural Goat Milk Soap. Say goodbye to oil or dry shaving soap. Embrace Grandslam Wet Shaving.
  • Durable, Double Edge Blade Reload Applicable: It’s made to last. Just replacement Razor blade easily and sharp as new. It accompany you forever, Just like LOVE never ends. The safety razor fits Double edge blades. 100% Money Back Guarantee, if there is anything you’re not satisfied with, 100% refund for you, no excuse.

Shaving Brush Kit For Man Classic Black Shaving Soap Bowl/Mug and Brush + Shaving Razor Hodler Stand and Natural Shave Soap Perfect for Men Gift

Simple, fast, fashionable shaving, make your life exquisite from face!

Note: Please pay attention to check the items detail sizes before ordering, and email us when you have any problem

Shaving Mug Size: approx. 55.5 * 110mm / 2.2 * 5 inch (H * D)

Shaving Stand High: approx. 110mm/4.5 inch

Brush Size: approx. 37.2*112mm/1.5*4.4 inch (D * H)

Package Includes: 1 x Shaving Brush 1 x Shaving Holder 1 x Shaving Cup 1 x Shaving Soap 1 x Towel

How to shave:

1.Soak the shaving brush by warm water

2.Hot compress your face to moisturize, and soften the root of beard

3.Use shaving brush circling painting much foam of shaving soap/ foam on your beard

4.Shaving your beard according to the texture firstly, then reverse direction, from sparse to dense part, so that the dense part would soften more longer

5.Wash your face, cleanse the shaving brush by warm water and dry it on the shaving holder naturally to ensure longevity

How to use shaving soap and brush

1.Take a proper amount of shaving cream in the soap bowl

2.Moisten shaivng bristles with warm water

3.Use a shaving brush to spin out foam in the soap bowl

4.Apply foam to fibrous roots and shave

Instructions for use:

1. Wash the brush well with warm water after use

2. Never keep the brush wet for long

3. Do not use strong disinfectants or detergents – water is sufficient

Product Features

  • Black porcelain bowl for whipping up a lather prior to shaving.make your shaving collection look manly and sexy. useful for your beard cleaning.
  • The bowl is very nicely made and has a nice feel to it.Very comfortable to hold and the little protuberance at the bottom helps make that nice and thick lather, The ridges on bottom are great for making lather. as you can see in the picture.and a beautiful appearance on your bathroom counter.
  • Nourish your skin – our shaving soap is packed with natural high end ingredients,Using the ceramic shaving Bowl and Badger hair shaving brush producing thick nice cream lather for your perfect shave becomes an easy task!
  • Perfect Gift-all in black,is very classical and durable,Delicate fashion.Perfect for who like traditional wet shaving, great gift idea for your father, husband, boyfriend.
  • We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will find a solution!

GBS Premium Men’s Wet Grooming Shaving Set-Gift Boxed-Ceramic Black Shaving Mug with Knob Handle, Pure Badger Hair Brush + Stand, Sandalwood Shave Soap, No.84 Cologne, and Sandalwood Aftershave!

GBS has its exclusive line of fine grooming products. The GBS line offers classic shaving tools and specially formulate grooming products for modern men of all ages. GBS proudly offers high quality craftsman shift and exquisite style at an affordable price! We are constantly testing and improving our products every day to make them better. Our specially formulated products include: Balms, oils, cologne, shower gel, shaving soaps, and many more. Our Tools are used by professionals Barbers across the USA. Barber Tested and Approved! We Stand by our Products 100% because our products well-made and extremely durable. With Proper maintenance and care our grooming tools and products will last many years! ✅Due to continued products enhancements, products images may differ slightly from actual product purchased✅

Product Features

  • ✅100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! – We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will find a solution!100% satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee! MG
  • ✅EXTRA DENSE MUG: Fits up to 4 oz of soap. Black Heavy duty shaving mug is extra to dense to prepare a proper lather. Large knob handle for stability
  • ✅PURE BADGER BRUSH: Soft bristles retain water to the face. !00% pure badger with Black handle has 20 mm Knot It’s very normal for badger brushes to shed hair for the first 30 – 60 days
  • ✅IMPOSSIBLE COMPARISON: Compare GBS fragrances to Versace, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Polo, Aqua di Gio, 4711 Original, Nautica, Tom Ford, Curve, Versace, Gucci, Lacoste, Invictus, Abercrombie Fierce, One Million, Prada, YSL, Creed, John Varvatos, Polo Red
  • ✅Soap: 3oz GBS Shaving Soap Included! 97% All-Natural no toxic ingredients Made in the USA. A light masculine scent that is fresh and smooth. Our soap generates a rich, proper lather that assists in razor glide to prevent irritation and burn. All-natural ingredients and free of synthetic preservatives. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Reduces chance for razor bumps or rashes.

Maison Lambert Ultimate Shaving Kit Set with Organic Shaving Soap, Aftershave oil, Wood Shaving Bowl, 100% Pure Black Badger Shaving Brush and Double Edge Safety Razor and stand. Best fathers day gift

Maison Lambert ultimate shaving kit is package in a beautiful PU leather men toiletry bag, makes such a GREAT GIFT for the man in your life! It contains everything you need for shaving:
– a beautiful wood shaving bowl;
– a long handle double edge safety razor and 10 Astra blade;
– an amazing organic shaving soap (90% organic – vegan);
– an organic pre shave oil.
– a high quality 100% pure BLACK badger shaving brush. Our shaving brush is MANLY, Heavy, beautiful and made with the absolute best badger hair available. The handle is made of an horn imitation made of resin, no animal has been poach to make those handles. Our shaving brushes are really beautiful and soft
-a high quality chrome stand to keep your brush and razor dry and organized.
– an organic unscented aftershave oil(100% Organic); Our aftershave oil is also alcohol FREE and chemicals FREE!

Maison Lambert ultimate shaving set is subtly scented using a blend of 100% pure essential oils. It results in a naturally beautiful woody and warm scent which is absolutely not overwhelming. Really classy.
Our shaving set is handcrafted carrefully in the pure french tradition of quality. With this product you can be sure to please yourself or your loved one for christmas or any occasions.

Product Features

  • Handmade in the pure French tradition
  • All you need to create the perfect shaving: double edge safety razor with 10 astra blade, 100% pure black badger hair, high quality chrome stand, organic shaving soap in a wooden bowl, organic aftershave and an organic pre shave oil
  • Made of luxurious ingredients: organic argan oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No animal testing – Nasty Chemical free – Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Dyes, Toxins, artificial fragrances, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, DEA and petroleum oil!

Meicoly 5 in 1 Shaving Kits for Men Set,Badger Stainless Steel Stand Holder,Manual Razor,Blades,Shaving Brush,Shaving Bowl,

Easy, safe and convenient to storage your shaving tool, make your daily life more easier

Packing Included:
1 x Shaving Brush Stand
1 x Shaving Bowl
1 x Shavin razor,
1 x Shaving brush,
5 x Shaving blades,
Product Detail:
Name:Beard brush stand
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 12.8*10.5
Weight: 73.1g
Large circle diameter: 8.8CM
Small circle diameter: 1.6CM

Name: Hu brush shelf
Material: ABS
Size: 4.3×8.8CM
Shang Minister about 8.8CM
The bottom is about 5.5CM long
Thickness: 3MM
Weight: 29.1g

Name: shaving brush
Material: ABS
Size: 9.9X3.5CM
The handle length is about 5.0CM
Mao Chang: 4.9CM
Weight: 46.2g

Name: Shaver
Material: aluminum paint + 2 layer blade
Size: 12.6×4.1CM
The handle length is about 12.2CM
Head length: 4.1CM (with protective case)
Weight: 18.8g

Name: Blade
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 6.7×4.3CM
Specifications: 5 / box (one blade, two blades)
The cutter head is about 3.9CM long.
Weight: 11g

Product Features

  • 5 in 1 shaving razor set .It comes with all you need to get the perfect shave, including a stand holder, a razor, blades,a bowl, and a brush. Very attractive to display in the bathroom.
  • Synthetic Bristles Free of Animal Products and Terrible Smell, Super Soft Premium Synthetic Fibers. Fast Drying, Great for Travel or Home
  • Practical framework with strong structure for brush easy taking and putting.Consist with a excellent stainless steel bowl which is delicate fashion, perfect arc, fine polished smooth, strong sense of quality and bright shine
  • This universal stand fits most brush and razor models(But not all), If your brush can not fit this holder open perfect, you just can adjust the distance
  • Shaving stand will keeps your razor and brush dry,the Best Gift for Gent Men

ACRIMAX Shaving Kit for Gentleman Wet Shave, Durable Stainless Steel Stand, Shaving Soap Cream, Black 100% Pure Badger Shaving Brush Best Gift Set for Man

ACRIMAX Premium Badger Hair Shaving Brush Set with Luxury Brush

Product Features

  • ★ Shaving Brush: Shaving brush is made with 100% pure badger hair which is soft and gentle to your skin but yet hard enough to generate rich lather.
  • ★ Luxury Brush Stand: Resistant to rust and mold, zinc alloy stand and stainless steel are built to last.
  • ★ Bowl : Made of premium grade stainless steel, health and safety, shining smooth and easy to clean up.
  • ★ Soap: Green health and with the scent of freshness. All natural ingredients, no toxins!
  • ★After Sales Service: 100% satisfaction money back guaranteed!

PerPro Mens Shaving Grooming Sets, Beautiful Stainless Steel Shaving Soap Bowl and Shaving Stand Brush for Safety Blade Razor and Double Edge Razor

What is in the package:
1 x Shaving Stand
1 x Shaving Brush
1 x Shaving Bowl

Product Features

  • Shaving set includes shaving stand, having Brush, Shaving bowl. Great gift for man in your life. Comes packaged in a gift box
  • Synthetic Bristles Free of Animal Products and Terrible Smell, Super Soft Premium Synthetic Fibers. Fast Drying, Great for Travel or Home
  • Concise style stand for shaving brush and razor,Simple and practical. Consist with a excellent stainless steel bowl which is delicate fashion, perfect arc, fine polished smooth, strong sense of quality and bright shine
  • This universal stand fits most brush and razor models(But not all), If your brush can not fit this holder open perfect, you just can adjust the distance. The loops of stand for Razor’s handle =18mm(April 2019 updated), it can fit Gillette Fusion and Mach 3 series,Safety Razor and most manual razors(But not all), It is better that Please measure the diameter of your razor handle(must be thinner than 18mm) before purchasing.
  • Sturdy construction with no assembly or pieces to put together for your shave stand,the Best Gift for Gent Mens

SimplyBeautiful Deluxe Razor and Brush Stand, Black

Leaving your shaving gear lying around on a counter or in a drawer can be inconvenient, messy, damaging to the equipment, and even dangerous. This beautiful black finish SimplyBeautiful Stand offers a nice solution to all those problems which any gentleman would be proud to display. Stored vertically on their two-prong hangers, your razor and brush pose less risk of being incorrectly grabbed or dropped, causing injury. In this position they also receive optimum air circulation for faster drying, which helps extend their performance life and prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and rust. This modern black finish design complements any bathroom decor with space-saving efficiency. The weighted base keeps it upright while the non-slip sole keeps it in place and protects porcelain or countertop surfaces from being scratched. The post features a textured midsection so it’s easy to get a secure grip when you pick it up. The post unscrews from the base for easy cleaning. Goes perfect with our SimplyBeautiful Black Basic Badger Brush.

Product Features

  • Our favorite design is now in black
  • This classically shaped chrome stand holds most brushes and nearly all razors
  • Excellent for allowing for good air circulation so brush dries properly
  • Weighted base for stability
  • Stylish and sturdy

GBS Mens Premium Sandalwood Set – Complete Kit – 5 Blade Compatible Manual Razor Long Horn Handle, Pure Badger Bristle Shave Brush, Brush&Razor Stand Holder – Oil, Beard Balm, Shave Soap & Aftershave

You’ll love the look and the quality of this set whether you are buying it for you or you’re buying it as a gift for someone. All the accessories you need to get the best and cleanest shave possible. GBS Manufactures high-end shaving tools and Accessories GBS Proudly offers high quality craftsmanship and exquisite style at an affordable price

Product Features

  • ✅100% Satisfaction Money Back Guaranteed! – We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us and we will find a solution! B13
  • ✅CLASSIC CARTRIDGE RAZOR – FUSION COMPATIBLE: Multi blade razor with precision trimmer – Tortoise Handle with Chrome Tip. Blades are spaced closer together for less irritation. Features 5 precision blades helping reduce pressure per blade. Responds to contours, getting virtually every hair. Compatible with Fusion blades! Overall length 5 1/2″ handle length 3 3/4. This shaver has a classic, timeless design. The multiple blades and lubricating strip provide a close, smooth shave
  • ✅PROPER STORAGE IS KEY: Stainless Shave Stand Brush & Razor Holder – Our Classic Vintage Brush and Razor Stand is solidly made and is great way to store your tools properly. Always have the bristles of your brush facing downward which will ensure base of your brush to collect water. Always remember to vigorously shake your brush dry before putting it away. The razor prongs are made to fit 99% of all Razors.
  • ✅BEARD MUSTACHE BALM + LEAVE IN CONDITIONER – Made from the highest quality ingredients the Argan Oil, Jojoba oil and beeswax will make it one happy beard. Creates a healthier, softer more powerful beard. Leave-in conditioner will increase mustache and beard growth. Nourishing, condition, mold, shape hair folics at the skins root. Massage a small amount into your palm or fingertips and work through your hair down to the skin. Will leave your face feeling excellent and looking great.
  • ✅QUALITY PROFESSIONAL SHAVE BRUSH: PURE 100% badger hair. 20 mm Knot. There is no BOAR, no Goat, No blends of Fibers at all. Solidly constructed for the ultimate Wet Shaving experience. Use your favorite Cream or soap to create a rich lather that would make your Grandfather Father proud. GBS first got started in the shaving world by developing shaving brushes. Today they are still made with he same tight tolerances as before. Like all brushes it’s typical to lose anywhere between 25 – 50 hair

ProMax Men,s 6 PCs Safety Shaving Set- Brush-Brush and Safety Stand, Straight Razor- Shaving Soap Bowel-20 Derby Blades-4 Inch Long Handle Safety Razor-Complete Mens Shaving Kit-300-10001

THE PROMAX SERIES SHAVING SET 1 Chrome Finished Closed Comb Double Edged Safety Razor and Shaving Brush,shaving brush and shaving safety razor stand, and straight edge Barber razor 20 Complimentary Platinum Steel Razor Blades (Approx 60 Day Supply) High End Packaging which Makes for a Great Gift for the Man and or Woman in Your Life OTHER COOL THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT US COMES WITH 20 PLATINUM STEEL BLADES Everything you need to get started using the ProMax Safety Razor. These Platunim Blades will provide a close comfortable shave without irritating the skin. SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR Switching to a ProMax Safety Razor will save you hundreds of dollars a year compared to buying expensive cartridge razor blades HELP ELIMINATE LANDFILL WASTE Did you know over 2 Billion disposable cartridges go into our landfills each year alone in the USA. Our Safety Razor Blades are 100% recyclable and much better for the environment

Product Features

  • ProMax Safety Razor This closed comb double edged safety razor and shaving brush, straight edge barber razor and shaving brush and safety Razor Stand is the perfect edition to any mans shaving routine
  • The chrome plated head and Black Comfortable Handle Finishing prevents against rust, tarnish and breakage
  • What’s included – kit comes with one luxury ProMax series closed comb doubled edge safety razor
  • This ProMax Long Handle Safety Razors Comes for 20 Derby Blades
  • This ProMax safety Shaving Razors Comes In The box perfect item for gifts and comes with 100% Satisfaction guarantee .

Faleto Stainless Steel Shaving Brush Stand Holder and Soap Bowl Mug Set for Safety Razor Brush

Stand:stainless steel, shaving bowl: Plastic, shaving brush: 100% pure badger hair;
Shaving brush stand: 5.03 x 3.54”/128 x 90mm(H x D);
Soap bowl:3.46 x 1.65”/ 88 x 42mm(H x D), Inner diameter:2.59”/ 66mm;
Weight:5.64 oz.

With this shaving brush stand and bowl set, you can easily store and classify your shaving stuffs and keeping them neat and in order.
Lightweight and easy to carry, which offers your facial care anytime.
Great for bathroom,travel,hotel or daily life use.
The best gift for your families and boyfriend.

1x Shaving Brush Stand and Bowl Set 1 x Shaving Brush

Product Features

  • MATERIAL – Made of high quality stainless steel, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, durable in use, great for daily life use
  • Large capacity design – with big shaving bowl, easier to create foam, more full foaming space can make the foam more dense and elastic, rich and delicate
  • SIZE – Shaving brush stand: 5.03 x 3.54”/128 x 90mm(H x D); Soap bowl:3.46 x 1.65”/ 88 x 42mm(H x D), Inner diameter:2.59”/ 66mm; Weight:5.64 oz
  • Our universal shaving brush stand can hold a shaving brush and razor, get your shaving items organized and clear. Please note, this universal stand fits most brush and razor models(But not all). It is better that measure your brush and razor before purchasing, If your brush can not fit this holder open perfect, you just can adjust the distance
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – All FALETO products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us if you have any problems with our Shaving Bush Stand and Bowl Set